Structure to follow when Purchasing Roller Blinds


When looking to buy such as the double roller blinds, you need to be very keen and aware of what you want. You will need to be armed with the following pointers which can guide you to acquire the best for good prices.

1. Your Budget
Double roller blinds can be pricey because they have a system that addresses two different types of issues. The budget should be organized depending on the number of windows that you are planning to treat and how big they are. Large windows will cost you more since window treatment is charged by size. If you are looking for unique fabrics, patterns and custom sizes, your budget will most definitely go up.

2. Measuring the Window
Before you can do anything else at all you first need the measurements of the windows that you want to install the double roller blinds on.

  • Interior Measurements
    For windows set in recess; you will need it to be seven and a half centimeters for the blinds mechanism to fit properly. You then measure the width and the length of the window at different intervals to get a perfect size and accuracy. If you want to install roller blinds with cords, the head rail must be higher than one and a half meters from the ground.
  • Exterior Measurements
    For this it is all about your taste as to how high or low you want to fit the double roller blinds. If you decided to fit in roller blinds that are corded, make sure that the children cannot reach the chains and cords. Have safety systems installed and keep furniture and objects that children can use to climb up away from the window. You will need two brackets, each at one end but venetian blinds at times require a third for support.
  • Home Décor
    All factors considered you need to make sure that the double roller blinds that you are purchasing do not come to clash with the decoration that you already have for your home. Since roller blinds come in all types of fabrics and colors, it won’t be hard for you to find blinds that complement your home décor.

3. Privacy and Lighting
Any other blind addresses this issue in halves except the double roller blinds which are designed with both a fabric that is translucent that lets light in and a blackout fabric which keeps light out completely. The blackout keeps the room with constant temperature and blocks unwanted extra light, whereas the translucent fabric allows light in but keeps the UV rays at bay to prevent your furniture from fading.

With these few tips you can be able to purchase roller blinds that will be helpful to you and make an additional decoration to your home. You can also check on the cleaning time of double roller blinds if you are looking for a form of window treatment that is easy to clean.

Structure to follow when Purchasing Roller Blinds