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We all know that to have a tailor custom fit a suit for you is a laborious process. While nothing can come close to the level of workmanship and creative options of a custom-made suit, the time investiture can conflict with your busy schedule. With the advent of the internet, many things have moved into the online marketplace. This includes tailoring. Here at, we have a passion for conveniently making the highest quality custom suits online, with an emphasis on providing you, the consumer, with a high-quality tailored suit online in a fraction of the time, for a comparable price.

How do we do this? We start by using only the finest quality fabrics, and with literally thousands of different choices and combinations, we offer a truly customizable tailored suit online. Our tailors are true professionals, with years of experience and a deep knowledge of the bespoke tailoring trade. Combine tried and true traditions with cutting edge ideas and innovation and you have a distinct, eclectic suit that you can feel truly sophisticated while wearing.

How, when tailoring requires you to be fitted and measured personally do we accomplish the necessary work when the entire transaction is done online? The answer lies in an innovative idea of a testing suit. When you order a custom suit online from us, we send you a “testing suit” with the exact measurements provided, to ensure that you get the fit you want. If anything is amiss with the suit, mark the necessary alterations and email us what needs to be fixed. We’ll send your final custom tailored suit to you, with all your choices, right to your front door! Plus you get to keep the high-quality testing suit!

While no online service can offer the luxury and personal attention of an experienced local tailor, offers a hassle-free, convenient way to order a tailored suit. When a Ready to wear suit just doesn’t fit right, but you don’t have the time to visit a tailor, nor the potentially thousands of dollars you can spend on a high-quality suit, visit We offer quality workmanship with an exciting new way to alter and fit custom made suits, as well as offering a multitude of fabric choices and patterns, liners and buttons. We often have special discounts and promotions to complement our already value-priced tailoring services, and will ensure you have a positive experience ordering your first custom suit online.

When you log on to, you have a multitude of different options. Choose your fabric, lapel design, and button count. Want a slim suit with many vents for summer? A dark wool conservative for business meetings or screening a prospective client? Come to, and get it for a fraction of the cost, with no headache.

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