Niche BreakFast

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"Underground Marketer Comes Out of the Trenches to Share How She Finds Sizzling Niches Without Spending a Fortune!"

From: Isabella "Niche Lady" Murphy, The Staying Paid Diva

To: You! Yes, you, you, wonderful you!

Let me ask you a question – do you know what the purpose of a warrior is? When I ask most people what the purpose of a warrior is, they give me some pretty standard answers – dispatching people, defending home territory, and even "flip out and kill people" (I think those people have been watching a little too many ninja movies, but I digress).

The real purpose of a warrior, regardless of nation or weapon involved, is to get from one side of the battlefield to the other. That’s it, no "secret" there.

In your business, you’re a warrior too, and your mission is to get from one side of the battlefield (ground zero, starting from scratch) to the other (watching your product or service change lives, put money in your pocket, and boost your reputation!)

So why is it that so many people have the same problem? They don’t know where to get started online. The common answer given to them is "pick a niche and develop a product or service in it" – a mighty good answer, might I add … if you were talking to someone who’s been around the block a few times. If your brain fogs over at "pick a niche", I’m talking to you!

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PS- I, personally read this book, It’s clear concise and gives you the tools you need. I buy and read a lot of materials, a lot of stuff on the internet is poorly written crap. You will be pleasantly surprised with the easy to understand and use strategies outlined here. Use them! I am!

Dr. Letitia Wright