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Full colour printed banners and mail order signage.
HFE Signs are a mail order supplier of a whole variety of advertising signs. Unlike many traditional sign suppliers they don’t operate just within the immediate radius of their base in Staffordshire but are an internet based national and international company who have a focus on providing high quality signage to order. The key to the success of this strategy is an easy to use ordering system and fast turnaround, including next day delivery on orders placed before 11am in many cases.

HFE Signs offer a huge range of sign types but as especially known for their banners. HFE’s colour banners are all outdoor grade and come with brass eyelets as standard. The inks used are Waterproof and UV stable to give the maximum life possible without fading. Ordering colour banners is simple, whether it’s from the pre designed templates shown on the website or whether the client wants to design their banner from scratch. The customer can upload their own artwork and logos or use the services of HFE’s experienced design team. Mono colour banners can be ordered in exactly the same way and are manufactured to the same high quality standards but are up to 30% cheaper than colour banners.
Roll up banners are often used at exhibitions or anywhere a portable or temporary display is needed and HFE make their roll up banners to the high standard as all their other products, along with the same fast and efficient service. Roll up banners can be rolled and unrolled in literally seconds and pack into a small bag for ease of transport and safe storage but the nature of them means that they can be easily damaged, begin to curl or let the light shine through them while open. HFE roll up banners are made a curl and tear resistant vinyl, which is also designed to block light shining through. This means that the roll up banner will be able to be used many times and if the banner does need to be replaced HFE offers a replacement service, so the frame can be reused. If putting a replacement banner in a roll up banner frame proves difficult HFE can replace the banner for the customer

HFE can provide frames and mounts for their printed banners as well, and ordering a frame or mount at the same time as a printed banner attracts a 20% discount on the banner itself.
Printed banners can be used as temporary or permanent advertising signage and the excellent quality and outdoor standard of HFE printed banners means that they are suitable for a variety of uses, such as at outdoor entertainment events, finish lines at sporting events, on lamp posts or outside offices and shops. HFE printed banners are of the highest quality without the premium price tag and their easy to use ordering and excellent before and after sales service mean that they are an excellent option for anyone looking for any type of printed banner, whether its colour or monochrome or roll up.

Promote your business with awesome printed banners

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Promote your business with awesome printed banners
Have you got a sale on and you want to make your customers more aware of which items are which? Maybe you want to encourage your customers into making their way into the back of your store? Or do you just want to liven up your store window with sale banners?
Here at HFE Signs we have a variety of pre-designed printed banners for all types of sales and locations, including banners which can be customised to your exact requirements. You can also choose which dimensions you want your printed banner to be, with the pre-designed image being altered to fit those dimensions. We currently offer dimensions from 4.0ft by 2.0ft all the way to 40ft by 8.0ft, with prices varying accordingly. However, if you order 2 PVC banners of any size then you will receive free delivery with eyelets included.
We also offer these other categories of pre-designed banners:
Pubs & Foods
Birthdays & Celebrations
Car & Vehicle
Schools & Children
Health & Safety
We also have an easy to use PVC banner designer in which you can create your banner by using either the images, shapes, text or backgrounds that we provide or by uploading your own images. This is a great way of adding your company logo or to create a personalised message. Alternatively if you have already designed your banner you can upload the image as a whole and then get it printed in the dimensions of your choice. We also offer a free banner designing service if you have got an idea but not the time to design your own banner.
As an added bonus, if you choose to order your printed banners alongside one of our banner frames or displays then you will receive an additional 20% off your banner. Below is a list of all our banner display options:
Standard Duty Banner Frame (single or double sided)
Heavy Duty Banner Frame
Portable Overhead Banner Frame
Wall Mount- Standard Duty
Wall Mount- Heavy Duty
Post Mount- Standard Duty
Post Mount- Heavy Duty
Mid Post (single or double sided)
The Banner Frames can be used if you want to display your PVC banner lengthwise and the wall and post mount is for portrait oriented banners. The Mid Post display makes the most of any vertical post or pole. In order to create a large amount of impact and to support the banner itself, this display secures banners singly or back to back on the centre of a lamp post with banners being sleeved top and bottom.

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Swinger Signs

Swinger Signs


By jwhittle812

The Swinger range is the UK’s market leading product, but why is this?

The first Swinger Sign began life as a custom pavement sign for the National Lottery in 1996, designed to be for ‘no tool’ assembly and have remained popular ever since. There are many uses for pavement signs, although the main benefits always remains the same; to increase sales, increase walk in traffic, increase product awareness or deliver information to passers-by. Efficient storage of high quality graphics is achievable on those that feature a protective screen.

Swinger signs specifically offer a high impact on-street advertising with a rounded design to minimize health and safety risks. The design of this form of advertising is very sturdy in windy locations, making it perfect for the UK. It also has soft round styling and a low centre of gravity to ensure a high health and safety rating. That’s not to mean that they are not easy to relocate around your store to ensure the most effective placement for your messages.

If you want to further grab attention to your sign you can choose to add a printed tactical header clipped on top of your sign, showing your message from either side. Some options of Swinger signs have built in wheels to increase the ease of mobility as well as the option to fill the base with water in order to secure the sign in place at choice.

A swinger sign is usually your best option when it comes to value for money due to the large variety and the versatility of purpose that this type of signage offers.

Companies can offer customisable printed panels for your swinger frame in various different sizes depending on your specifications and have the environmental benefit of being fully recyclable.

Did you know?

1)     The Icecream Company Walls is one of the biggest company advertisers which use Swinger Signs

2)     The Swinger 3000 has been continually used by Tescos since 1999

3)     The Swinger Sign has become such a staple of the UK high street that it is used in many UK TV and film productions

To get affordable swing signs for your business visit HFE Signs.

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