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Futurum X is where Mad Max meets Star Wars meets The Time Machine.

Kax is from the year 2700 and must go back in time to make sure he is never born or else mankind will never survive. This time when he goes back, the Earth has changed and is now ruled by women. Also, he’s lost his best friend Max who is a computer and if that wasn’t bad enough, he’s being hunted by Time bandits who want use Max to bind the space time continuum. It’s complicated, but who wants boring.

Futurum X is a feature film written and directed by award winning filmmaker Kipp Howard and features the talents of Dean Jones for GGI, Luke Kirby on music, Zane Anderson on production design, Lorin Paddock and Shane KerKesik add their awesome use of Drone Shot Footage.

In May 2015 the team was able to produce the short film, Futurum with just a few hundred dollars, which premiered at the 24th St. George Guerrilla Film Festival and despite the cold, hard winds, and rain, the team completed a fun little teaser short film available on the crowdfunding website.
So with the completion of this short film we were confident and excited to endeavor to make a feature film: Futurum X. It’s kinda like Star Wars meets Mad Max meets the Time Travler meets Zena. So there’s a lot of excitement, drama, action, plot, and beautiful visuals as they shoot this in the amazing Salt Lake City valley, the salt flats, Black Rock, and the awesome little Sahara Desert right here in the backyard in the Great State of Utah.  

Forget the hype. See the past as the future by experiencing the movie’s revelation of the past’s future. The truth will unfold as Futurum X: The Future is Yesterday!
Fund this project now, before the future returns. 

5 Ways to Get Your Video to Go Viral

Father Watching His Infant Sleep

Creating a video can be a time consuming project and once you have completed it, you will want people to view it. The more views your video receives, the more income potential you have from advertising. Many people wonder how some videos get millions of views in just a few short days and there are many secrets that no one will share. If you are creating a video you will want to know how to make it go viral.

Production is Key
The amount of effort you put into creating your video will help to draw people into watching it. If you are unsure how to produce a great video you can hire an outside company to help with the production. There are great video production companies that specialize in creating the perfect video for you such as 522 Productions-Alexandria, VA. This company was created solely to help clients create the ultimate video experience.

Never be afraid to market your video. Many people are afraid to market their video for fear that it will not take off and they will have wasted time. Marketing your video through family and friends as well as social media outlets can make a difference in your video views. By sharing your video with multiple outlets, you will increase the number of people who will both view and share your video. Of course, your friends will view and share it but sending your link to other people through blogs and social networking will get outsiders to view your creation at a rapid speed.

Tell a Story
Videos that tell a story tend to go viral faster than those that do not. You can choose to teach something, show how you learned something or show people how things happened. Be sure to engage your audience in way that will leave a lasting impression. By doing this they will be more likely to share your video with their friends and social network contacts. Your story should be relevant to who you are or what your company represents. Create an outline of your story before you begin to record so that you stay on topic throughout the entire thing.

Keep It Short
No matter how great your production, marketing and story are, if your video is lengthy you will not get many views. It is important to keep your video as short as possible without losing the heart of the story. When you first sit down to produce your video project, record the story in its entirety. Once you have finished recording it is time to edit out the unimportant details. This will allow you to shorten the video by several minutes while keeping the message intact. People are more likely to view and share a three to five minute video than one that is over six minutes in length.

Catchy Title
We have all scrolled through a list of videos and seen that one that stands out. There is a reason that a video of cats being crazy will go viral before a video about marketing software. The title will draw viewers in while the content will keep them interested. If you have a boring title, people will scroll right by your amazing video no matter how great your marketing and production are.

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Crowd Funding a Dance TV Show


film (Photo credit: seriykotik1970)

Thinking about Crowd Funding Ideas in Media?

Filmmaker, actress and entrepreneur Lucinda Chrisman is  raising funds for a TV series she’s creating in Sacramento.

The show, “Around the World in 80 Dances,” will be a musical travelogue, taking its host (Chrisman) to various spots on the planet to check out native dancing and food.  Chrisman has been raising funds to shoot the first episode of the show.  Her goal was $4,000 and she made $6,470 so far.

Movies on a movie device

Vinod Bharathan is receiving accolades in short film making. One of his films was shot using the mobile phone camera. He crowd funding the movie for $4,814.64. It took them about 2 months. Vinod, who hails from Kochi and is settled in Copenhagen, is breaking new ground in short film making. His ‘Limbo’, all of three minutes, recently won the ‘best film shot using a mobile device’ award at the IndieFone Festival, U.S.A.

Zombie Run

You guys know by know I love a good zombie (movie, story, book, tv show, whatever) This game sounds really good to me. If you donated even just a dollar, you could have gotten your name in the game as a survivor! They raised over $70,000

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