The importance of networking when setting up a business from home

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Most people understand the importance of networking for their business – the increased contacts and opportunities for development, the ability to make friendships amongst peers and look for problem solving solutions through group discourse and, of course, to forge valuable workplace connections which can help with staffing needs. However, this can be difficult to achieve when one is working from home. The usual networking opportunities – such as dinners, benefits or events – can be relatively inaccessible for someone working alone, without the influence of big business backing.

For those coming from a self-employment background, there are other ways to network than the standard channels. The internet opens up new methods of communication. Message boards and online forums are effective ways of sharing information. Responding to other people’s posts helps to establish sources of information and make your brand appear credible and knowledgeable, and people will begin to associate your brand name with the help they received on the internet. There are forums specifically tailored to a wide range of fields and industries on which serious professionals often advertise their services. Developing relationships on the internet can be a valuable way of forging networks and connections.

Alternatively, for those who prefer to communicate on a face to face basis, the wide range of trade shows and conferences can provide an ideal platform for sharing ideas. Alternatively look for business networking events or groups in your area. Working from home does not preclude attendance – in fact, working from home means that trade shows are even more valuable in offering the opportunity to meet likeminded professionals with whom you might not otherwise have come into contact. Likewise, any social events which are advertised by local business groups are perfect places to meet other entrepreneurs. Some are advertised as discussion panels, others are informational presentations whilst others still are targeted at women-only audiences.

Social events organised for pleasure shouldn’t be discredited as places to network, either. Although it is important to be cautious, so as to not bore people and lose friends, talking about your business at every possible opportunity is to be recommended to help people learn your business name. Offer your services to suitable friends who need your industry, or ask them to recommend you to those who might need help in the future. Building a network can be done at any level, from corporate and commercial to starting on a smaller, private, scale. Gaining the support of friends and family can be valuable additions to any network. Although networking from home is harder than when working for another organisation, it is by no means impossible and remains equally important.


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How to Buy Silver Jewelry for Sale from an Online Jewelry Store

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Buying sterling silver jewelry for sale is not difficult, provided you know what to look for. Not all silver jewelry is going to be real silver. It is important that you know how to tell what is real silver and what is not, particularly when buying from online jewelry stores.

One of the first things that you should look for when buying silver jewelry for sale from online jewelry stores is clear pictures. Without a clear picture of the jewelry in question, you have no idea of what it is really made of. Legitimate jewelry sites will offer very clear and detailed pictures and in some cases, there will be different views of each piece. You should be able to clearly see any small details on the piece. No matter what specific piece of jewelry you are purchasing, you should always look for a clear image of that piece before buying.

You should never purchase jewelry, or anything else for that matter, from a site that you do not trust. Take some time and look into the history of the store. Find out how long they have been in business and you can look for consumer reviews or testimonials that give you a clear idea of whether or not this specific store is trustworthy. You certainly do not want to purchase silver jewelry from a store that does not seem trustworthy. Take the time to ensure that the store offers a clear policy for purchases, find out the policy regarding returns or exchanges and learn a bit about the store in general. Again, not all online jewelry stores are the same so it is important that you do a bit of homework before you buy.

Customer service is essential when buying anything online. If you are purchasing silver jewelry for sale, make sure that the online store you are using offers a good customer service department. You want to know that you can get your questions answered and that you can get assistance should something go wrong with your order. Legitimate online stores such as, will offer several ways of contact including email, telephone support and online chat.

Finally, if you are purchasing silver jewelry, you want to be sure that you are getting actual silver jewelry and not a cheaper metal that is silver plated. Make sure that you check the details and information on the pieces that you are planning to purchase. They should state that they are sterling silver and not anything that has a plated covering.

There are a number of legitimate online jewelry stores that offer beautiful rings, earrings, necklaces and a host of other lovely jewelry pieces. You need to be certain that you are ordering from one of these legitimate stores and not simply a site that is passing off cheap jewelry for something of value. Take the time to learn more about the store, check the pictures and always look for evidence that the store is indeed selling legitimate silver jewelry.

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