Crowdfunding for Hurricane Harvey Victims: How Not to Get Scammed

Crowdfunding to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims How not to get scammed. Dr. Letitia Wright shares how to avoid scams and the best ways to help by crowdfunding. There are lots of people crowdfunding to help the victims, but the websites do not always verify each person who starts a crowdfunding project. In this video, Dr. Wright shows you how to verify the charity and the easiest way to help. She gives tips on giving and where to download Crowdfunding Made Easy for free. It’s a quick guide on how crowdfunding works and the top 25 sites she likes for crowdfunding. When you understand how crowdfunding works, it will help you figure out where to put your money. Do not assume that the person recommending the sites have done their homework. Check everything out for yourself.
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Ted Farnsworth Scams | Facts About Theodore Farnsworth’s Business

Ted Farnsworth is in the news quite frequently and because he is, sometimes you will see postings and comments on the internet saying that Ted is a scam artist. Everyone knows that scam artist do exist and everyone knows that scam artists are ruthless in their quest for money. However you can normally spot a scam artist right away with a little common sense.

 tedfarnsworthWhat most people don’t understand is, those who write blog posts about Ted Farnsworth and many other entrepreneurs, don’t care if the information they give is true or false if it draws attention to their blogs and articles.

The Truth About Ted Farnsworth And His Scams

The truth is that most articles accusing business people of being scam artists have one sided views and the majority of the Entrepreneur’s aren’t scam artists at all.  They are strictly entrepreneurs who had a business venture or two that failed. There is nothing wrong with this, and it does not mean that they are scam artists at all.

 If you can show me an entrepreneur who hasn’t failed at some point, then they really are not an entrepreneur, or good business person. If you Google “Donald Trump scam” you will find 410,000 results. If you Google Warren Buffett or even Bill Gates you will find people on the internet who call them scam artist. Because of mistakes or even things that people have blown out of proportion that have happened in those Entrepreneur’s lives. Last but not least, if you Google “Mother Theresa scam” you will find 432,000 results. One of the top results says Mother Theresa was a crook and a fraud. In conclusion, there will always be some people out there trying to dis-credit those Entrepreneur’s and people in general who are trying to get ahead in life and make the world a better place to live.

There is a very true lesson to be learned while thinking along this subject. You can always find bad in people whether it is true or false, when you are looking for it. So we need to look for the good in people and keep our eyes out for those who are scam artists.  

Is Theodore Farnsworth Honest Or A Crook?

Don’t just believe Theodore Farnsworth or someone else is a scam artist because you read a blog or article. A blog or article could be totally untrue. Are entrepreneurs perfect….  definitely not!

But honest ones with integrity like Ted Farnsworth go out every day and try to do good. Even when the accusations come, true Entrepreneurs and honest business people will keep going and do as much good as they can no matter what comes their way. 

Here are some things that were discovered about Ted Farnsworth that you may not know that are true. Despite all the Scam artist claims, Ted kept going and doing good in his life, he is a true Entrepreneur.

He is also the Chairman and Founder of The Highlander Companies and Chairman and Founder of Millennial Hotel Group. He is responsible for the strategic direction of these companies, for investment and financing activities across all capital platforms, and for the creation and pursuit of new real estate development opportunities and their acquisition.

Theodore Farnsworth an Expert in Strategic Development and Marketing

 As an expert in strategic development, marketing and consumer relations; Mr. Farnsworth has utilized these assets and skills building companies throughout his 30-year career. He has owned and operated numerous companies with proprietary products with recognized brand names that he actively helped to develop like Purple. Many of these companies ultimately became publicly held.

Is Ted Farnsworth Credible?

He is an equity partner in a deal comprised of in-demand office buildings located in primary and secondary markets across the U.S. The majority of the portfolio is leased to the General Services Administration, making it the fourth largest landlord for the U.S, government today.

Mr. Farnsworth’s entrepreneurial spirit has led to feature articles in numerous publications, including Forbes, Fortune, Investor’s Business Daily, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, to name a few, and appearances on MSNBC and CNBC.

Ted Farnsworth is a fervent believer that success in life is directly associated with a person’s desire and commitment to give back his time and wealth to society. He has been a generous supporter of numerous charities and founded the Far West Haiti Mission, which provides fresh water, housing and work initiatives to the residents of Haiti.  Through the Far West Haiti Mission, Mr. Farnsworth also founded a school for the blind. Literally thousands of people have benefitted from his generosity and his perpetual dedication to elevating the human spirit.

Ted Farnsworth And Millennial’s Investment Strategy

Millennial is dedicated to providing excellence in every aspect of real estate investment. We are bringing together high-performance experts whose proven leadership combines decades of pinnacle brand expertise and market cycle success. As industry-shapers, these individuals initiated progressive programs and processes that forever changed the real estate landscape. Particularly- the hospitality landscape – including the repositioning and consolidation of renowned brands, pioneers of strategic hospitality concepts, trendsetting lifestyle collaborations, and farsighted tech-savvy innovations. With new acquisitions and consolidations, the goal is to create an asset that generates a recurring cash flow stream, providing a continuous return on investment for the company and its partners while maintaining the optimal level of financial flexibility and liquidity.

Crowd Funding Expert Warns Against Scams Connected to Boston’s Terror Attack Victims

Crowd Funding Expert

Crowd Funding Expert

Dr. Letitia Wright

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Crowd Funding Expert Warns Against Scams Connected to Boston’s Terror Attack Victims

Los Angeles, CA –April 15, 2013—The tragic events in Boston have left American’s feeling venerable. While the authorities sort out the details of how and why it happened, many people seek to find a way to help. Crowd Funding has been used to raise funds for victims of various incidents over the past few years. The money has helped with medical bills, the cost of rehabilitation and restoration of damaged property. Crowd funding can also open the door for scammers to fatten their own pockets while claiming to raise money for the victims. Dr. Letitia Wright, Crowd Funding Expert wants to give the public some basic guidelines to use before they give to a campaign.

“There are plenty of people who mean well, but in the heat of the may give their money to crowd funding campaign that has nothing to do with the person they claim to help.” Says Dr. Wright. “It’s important to do your own due diligence when giving to any crowd funding campaign. I’ve created a short check list that people can use to before they give any money to any website.”

1) Before you give, find out about the organization that is asking for the money. Is it a non-profit? Have you heard of it before? Find and address and phone number and check on all the information. Chances are, if you cannot Google them and find out all the information you need, they may be just a new scammer online.
2) How is the person raising the money connected to the intended recipient? The victims are busy trying to recover and hardly have time to get a representative to get a campaign together in the first few days or weeks. This person could be just using their name as a front to get money.
3) What website are they using? The better-known websites are safer and more stable. There are over 500 crowd funding websites that someone can use. A few actually shut down every day.
4) Is there another, better known Non profit like the Red Cross doing the same thing? You are safer with a large Non-profit and your financial give is tax deductible.
5) How long are they raising money? Most crowd funding campaigns only last up to 90 days. If they started in April 2013 and are still raising money via crowd funding in September, that is far outside of the norms and you should take a second look before giving.

Dr. Letitia Wright is a Crowd Funding Expert who teaches crowd funding for the Small Business Administration and is available in person locally in Southern California and by phone nationally.