Review: Six Secrets of Sales Magnets

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Six Secrets of Sales Magnets

By Laura Posey and Will Turner

This book is not something you should overlook if you are in sales. The authors are sales trainers, this book is a good introduction to their services. The great sales people are always looking for ways to get better. Their goal is to help you close 7 out of 10 prospects. They tell the story of an average day in the life of the Average salesman, Professional salesman and the Magnetic salesman. Curiously, while the Magnetic salesperson plays golf and relaxes, the other two work a lot harder to get any money. The secrets of what they do are revealed, the HOW part is not revealed. I do like their concept on Vendorville. Because there is no HOW TO in this book, I assume you can get the details on how to do this in the courses they offer. They mention cold calling in reference to the Average sales person and the Professional salesperson, but not with the Magnetic salesperson. Nice story and nice book, you can clearly see which category you are in. This is a useful start to making positive change.

This book is a California 6

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