Why Go for Government Contracts? Part 2

A female head of a security firm, can thrive despite being in a male dominated field. In government contracting, on the other hand, a woman-owned firm can actually be an advantage. This is where knowing your NAICS codes makes a difference.

NAICS, or the North American Industry Classification System, is a standard used by Federal agencies in classifying businesses according to the industries they are in. Federal contracting systems rely heavily on NAICS codes. Most Federal agencies list their procurement needs according to NAICS codes. Without knowing your NAICS you may miss opportunities. (Go here to identify your NAICS codes.)

Set asides are another reason it’s so important to know all the NAICS codes that your business can fit into. If you can claim a NAICS code that qualifies your business for woman-owned small business or other set-asides, it opens up additional government contracting opportunities.

Yes, our government has money and we could be vendors!

If you have not certified your business which will enable you to

get these contracts, you can get it done on September 17th, 2011