Small Business Apps: Are they worthwhile?

Small Business Apps Are they worthwhileThis is a question I’m sure every small business owner or manager has thought about at some point.  To answer this question properly, you must first ask yourself “Is it worthwhile to have your products and services available in the pockets of every customer new and existing?” I hope your answer is YES!! Not only does this changing mobile technology give you the ability to communicate directly with your exact target audience, it also makes way for an immense amount of free piggyback advertisement. 

This type of exposure only a few short years ago would have cost us thousands; now with a good app building service like the one I strongly recommend to small business owners on my website at, it’s a fraction of what it used to be. More than 90% of consumers own mobile devices and everyday more of those consumers are buying online.  As we all know, increasing overall customer satisfaction is a key to maximizing profits.  This means mobile friendly marketing strategies are essential to any successful business.  Remember, if you build it, they will come.