How PR News Can Improve Your Small Business

This article is for small business owners who need to learn to use PR News as part of their marketing program. I advise all small business need marketing and PR to get more attention for their business.

Public relations is often mishandled and misunderstood. Small business owners want to run a business, not spend time looking for PR news opportunities. Getting a virtual assistant who specialized in this area can save a lot of time. This person can be the contact to set up interviews and make sure the media outlets have all the information they need. Their word should result in getting the business written up. When you have interviews constantly out there, become the number one choice of those looking for your services. You can think of PR news as PRE-advertising. Advertisement to your clients before they need you so that when they need you, they know exactly how to find you.

Everyone says word of mouth marketing is the most powerful kind of marketing you can have. Most word of mouth starts with a campaign. People start talking about what they saw in the news or read in the papers. It means you have to get it started someone. You have to purposely put the word out there in front of people who will repeat it. People who have influence and can move large numbers of people to action. That’s why people would love to be on Larry King or Oprah. They may totally disagree with what they do or say, however, they want their influence on the audience. They call Oprah the KingMaker because she can take your book to number one in any market because he influence is that large. By putting out your own PR news, you get to start the ball rolling and get interest in your business. The more people are talking, the more sales you can expect. Even bad news has been known to create sales in a product that was stagnant.

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