Navigating Learning Curve of the Birth Year and Beyond

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Navigating Learning Curve of the Birth Year and Beyond

by Laura Saba of

Today’s parents face challenges unlike any generation before.

They’re greeted by an avalanche of conflicting information.  There’s much to learn about your body, transitioning friendships and relationship, not to mention education on parenting and care methods, gadgets, and more.

Experts and businesses vie for one’s attention and dollars, and it is difficult to know which advice to trust.  This has given rise to the “Birth” and “Mommy” Wars – a natural response to conflicting information in a climate where one must keep up with the Joneses while always seeking that “one right answer” they learned through years of schooling must magically exist.  The result?  Serious stress!

Parents bump into a lot of dogma in terms of birth options, be it allopathic (“The epidural is the answer!”) or Natural Childbirth (“All doctors, hospitals, and especially that epidural, are evil!”).   Most know there must be more to it, yet when experts weigh in on both sides with equally compelling information, neither quite resounds with most parents.   Parenting choices are similarly complex.

So, they turn to friends and family for advice, only to find more turmoil and disagreement there!

Reality hits: Every choice they are about to make carries political and personal statements.  The pressure is on.  No matter which path they choose, which options they embrace, they will be judged by others.

The only sane recourse is to choose what ‘‘best fits” one’s family and needs, regardless of what anyone else thinks.  How though, to best determine that?

It isn’t easy.  Plus it feels important to get this right, a baby is depending on you.

They key is to remember to stay true to yourself. What’s right for another family may not be right for you.  There’s no cookie-cutter solution.  Just like there is no ‘perfect’ labor.  We all arrive at our journey from a different starting point, and from different circumstances.   It should be a red flag when someone insists their way is the only way.  The only best way is that which best serves your family.

Many are turning to birth support personnel to guide them while providing hands-on comfort and support during pregnancy, labor, and the postpartum period.

You must be selective when choosing a support person.  The key is to retain someone who won’t foist their agenda on you, but rather support you in finding your own custom solutions and path.   For this reason many go with a Momdoulary Certified Professional.  These individuals are educated as birth, postpartum, and antepartum doulas, as well as in areas of childbirth education, parent preparation coaching, and family lifestyle organizing – all from a space that is free of judgment.  They will never tell you what you should choose, but rather help you understand and assess the options,then support you on implementation.  Again, having support in your corner, designed to support you in assessing your needs from an objective place, is a gift most parents need.

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