Crowdfunding Paulownia Tomentosa Crop Establishment


Ioan alin suciu wants to set up a  project to stop deforestation in Romania. Specifically Paulownia Wood. He intends to set up a crop of 25 acres and, with time, the purchase of equipment and technologies for wood processing (manufacture of timber and biofuel production). The budget for this project is $80,000.  The budget is to purchase land, planting material purchasing, procurement and maintenance works Seedlings culture, purchase specific equipment for furniture manufacturing pellets. Anyone who contributes to this project with financial support will get;

– To submit their project on any platform FREE

– FREE to use tools and back office received;

– To obtain approval of the project in max . 24 hours; – To obtain two types of funding for the project submitted ;

– To get a percentage of that funding by acquaintances and they lay their projects on the platform.

 You can support this project here: