Goal Setting is About Adding Resources

November 11, 2009 by  
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By Wayne Buckhanan

The process of goal setting is not about creating the plan, it is about the planning process. The importance of the process is not just in outlining the details of how you’ll reach your goal. It is also about discovering what resources you’ll need to get there and making sure you have access to them. This article shows how to put the resources back into your planning process.

When using a goal setting process you’ll discover that there are resources you don’t have access to that you need to reach your goal. You may not think you have the time, money, energy, passion, or skills to do what it takes to reach your goal. If you do not have access to all five of these resources you are much less likely to reach your goals and it is likely to be an up-hill battle. When you have access to all of these resources there is literally nothing stopping you from reaching your goals. Let’s look at several ways to gain access to these resources.

The most difficult, but still do-able, method is to create new resources. Most people assume this is the only way to increase your resourcefulness and they get stuck. You might go back to school to learn new skills or work more hours to earn the money needed. This almost always involves directly trading one resource for another. The danger is, for example, trading all your time for more money and not having enough time to work on your goals.

The easiest way to get any of these five resources is by reclaiming it. You probably already have the energy and time but they are allocated for other uses or possibly being wasted. By eliminating some activity that is using your time and/or energy you can free the resources needed for reaching your goals. Television is one of the main culprits for stealing both time and energy. Is it worth skipping a few hours of entertainment to reach your goals and have your life changed forever?

Often the best way to gain access to these resources is by borrowing from other people. This is not limited to just money, you can also borrow other people’s time, energy, and skills by employing them to work towards your goals. You might even find that partnering with someone who has more passion for this goal will be enough to get where you need to be.

Time, money, energy, skills, and passion are the most often needed resources for reaching goals. By create them, rediscovering them, or borrowing them you can get to your outcome more quickly and easily.


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