From Home Care Franchise to Burger Franchise, Owners Make Profit

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A McDonalds location in Moncton (mountain road...

A McDonalds location in Moncton (mountain road). I took the picture and touched it up in Photoshop CS3 myself. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever thought about owning your own franchise? Hundreds of thousands of business owners around the United States own franchises, and for good reason. Depending on the franchise, the owner can stand to pocket a significant amount of money on a monthly and yearly basis. Keep reading for a few reasons why you should take the next step and invest in a quality franchise soon.

Financing – It’s pretty simple – lenders are more inclined to loan you money to finance a franchise because the franchise is already established, and has a proven track record of making money for those who invest in one. Your lender will be more likely to shell out cash because they see franchisees as lower risks when it comes to defaulting on payments.

Support – One of the biggest reasons why franchise owners love owning a franchise is because they get the feeling that they are never alone. When you own a franchise, you are basically part of a large family that is constantly growing. If you ever have a question, all you have to do is pick up the phone and call the franchisor to find out the answer.

Marketing and Advertising – Your franchisor will take care of a lot of the advertising and marketing initiatives necessary to help maintain the success of the franchise. If you have ever watched TV, you know that it seems like every other commercial is for McDonald’s or Subway. Even if these commercials get old, they’re doing their job whether you like it or not.

Multiple Locations – When you are part of a franchise system, you will always have more room to grow and open other locations. For instance, men and women that own a home care franchise often times open up other senior care franchises in towns adjacent to the one that they started in, allowing them to have a large share of the local market.

Buying a franchise with a popular franchisor can mean big money for you in the future. Lenders are also more inclined to dish out money to franchise owners, so get that financing and start paving a path to your success.

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Let me get a show of hands

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English: Picture of the Bandit Wallet, invente...

English: Picture of the Bandit Wallet, invented by Richard Rusnack and Drew Friestedt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let me get a show of hands……….

I often hear people engage in conversation about how so long are the days of people genuinely caring for one another and just doing random acts of kindness.  Can I tell you that good deeds still exist?  How many of you truly believe that there is still goodness out there?  Let me get a show of hands.  You know on a regular basis we are consumed with all the bad or let me stop there and say situations that are not so ideal that occur in the world.  I want to share a GREAT DEED that happened on this past Saturday.

I had the pleasure of attending the Black Book Festival in LA.  The day was beautiful.  The time was just right.  I met an amazing group of individuals.  There were some future connections that had been made that day.  I was looking forward to the real relationships that would soon be established as a result of attending the festival.  I had the honor of speaking on Crowd Funding which I am very passionate about.

After the festival had concluded there was a woman who was walking back to her car.  She was getting ready to head home.  She decided to make a quick phone call.  This woman was engaged in a conversation on the phone with a confidant that she often shares life stories with.  The woman shared how the details of the festival and all that had taken place.  On the way to her car with the phone still in hand, she stumbled upon a wallet.   This wallet was in plain view.  There was a wallet but no owner to the wallet anywhere around.  There were several rows of cars.  It was practically deserted.  It was just the woman and the wallet.  It was very quiet.  There was one single family that was walking towards the Los Angeles Convention Center.

The woman bent down to pick up the wallet.  Her thoughts went to I wonder where the owner is located?  Could he/she be at a restaurant?  What if they were stranded without gas?  The woman began searching.  She tried looking for clues as to the car of the owner.  She wanted to find the owner and return that which was lost.  Where was the owner?  There was only one answer to that question so we will have to resume answering thattomorrow.  Remember what I always say.  Ignoring one’s conscious is neither safe nor right.  I will see you next time.  ~ Dr. Letitia Wright

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