Swinger Signs

Swinger Signs


By jwhittle812

The Swinger range is the UK’s market leading product, but why is this?

The first Swinger Sign began life as a custom pavement sign for the National Lottery in 1996, designed to be for ‘no tool’ assembly and have remained popular ever since. There are many uses for pavement signs, although the main benefits always remains the same; to increase sales, increase walk in traffic, increase product awareness or deliver information to passers-by. Efficient storage of high quality graphics is achievable on those that feature a protective screen.

Swinger signs specifically offer a high impact on-street advertising with a rounded design to minimize health and safety risks. The design of this form of advertising is very sturdy in windy locations, making it perfect for the UK. It also has soft round styling and a low centre of gravity to ensure a high health and safety rating. That’s not to mean that they are not easy to relocate around your store to ensure the most effective placement for your messages.

If you want to further grab attention to your sign you can choose to add a printed tactical header clipped on top of your sign, showing your message from either side. Some options of Swinger signs have built in wheels to increase the ease of mobility as well as the option to fill the base with water in order to secure the sign in place at choice.

A swinger sign is usually your best option when it comes to value for money due to the large variety and the versatility of purpose that this type of signage offers.

Companies can offer customisable printed panels for your swinger frame in various different sizes depending on your specifications and have the environmental benefit of being fully recyclable.

Did you know?

1)     The Icecream Company Walls is one of the biggest company advertisers which use Swinger Signs

2)     The Swinger 3000 has been continually used by Tescos since 1999

3)     The Swinger Sign has become such a staple of the UK high street that it is used in many UK TV and film productions

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