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Smart Mobile Phone Line-up

With the smartphone industry growing at a rapid pace over the past decade, more and more new smartphones have been released. There are individuals who are switching smartphones every year and sometimes every 6 months.

Most people often dump their old smartphone on some shelf in the corner of their room, leaving it to collect dust and die out. However, SellMyPhone.co.uk will purchase most phones and tablets at a reasonable price and recycle them for a variety of uses.

SellMyPhone.co.uk is a mobile phone recycler, dedicated to optimizing the value received from used mobile devices. Through their purchase program, they are able to work for the advantage of those who have mobile phones, tablets, and other devices that they no longer use.

Once purchased, these devices are put through a refurbishment process in order to be a benefit to the people who need them. Everyone involved wins with the purchase and refurbishment system.

If you’re looking to sell your mobile phone for cash in a quick and simple manner, SellMyPhone.co.uk will assist you in the process and at the same time keep you informed. Once the phone arrives at their location, they will process your payment and you will receive the cash in less than 24 hours of receiving the phone.

SellMyPhone.co.uk offers the highest cash value possible to consumers with used phones and other mobile devices. Many people own these old gadgets but do not know how to dispose of them. Often when a new phone is purchased, the old one becomes unwanted clutter. SellMyPhone.co.uk’s payment plan enables people to get cash for the mobile phones and devices that they no longer use. They accept your old mobile devices, in working condition or not.

Since they recycle and refurbish used mobile phones, SellMyPhone.co.uk is able to provide them at affordable prices to those who would not otherwise be capable of obtaining a mobile phone. It is even possible to donate your phone for the greater benefit of those in need. Various charities and school systems benefit from this innovative system that benefits all parties involved.

100% Satisfaction guaranteed – Although confident in their service, sometimes it may not be what you’re expecting. So, SellMyPhone.co.uk will pay the stated price in full or you will have your device back in your hands. In case you change your mind, they can return the device safe and sound. They understand the importance of customers and their role, so SellMyPhone.co.uk takes several measures to ensure that only the best services are provided.

Support this project, recycling at its best.


Mobile apps market

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Mobile apps market: iOS vs Android vs Windows Phone

There are always such brands, which wage war on one another across IT-technologies globe. Like Mac and PC are the main competitors in the sphere of microcomputers, Android, iOS and Windows Phone are the starting points in mobile market.

According to the second quarter 2013 report from Strategy Analytics, gross volume of smartphone shipments reached the height of 230 million devices. The major market share belongs to Android (80 per cents). At the same time Apple iOS has only 14 per cents, which is the lowest since 2010.

What is the reason for such a trend?

This state of things is reasoned by mature Android’s app store. It gets a long start over Apple’s iOS app store due to competitive licensing costs, firstly. To be blunt, Google store offers more or less free downloading of Android applications.

Sidesplitting fact is that Microsoft reached the highest sales performance mark over three last years – 4 per cents of the market. At first sight, this figure is miserable. But we should take into account stability of Microsoft progress in comparison with Apple. As likely as not Windows Phone gets the second line in smartphones top-list at an early date. It is proved by growing interest of developers to Windows Phone applications.

Apple is really asleep at the wheel staying focused on production of expensive high-class smartphones. Sure, they are popular in developed countries like USA or some members of EU.  However, Apple’s top-management would better listen to analysts who called upon low-cost product development.

Now, they only have to stare after Android’s leaving train which appeared to be more democratic. Inasmuch as no one should get a swelled head and injure feelings of customers who can’t afford tasting sweet of deluxe iOS and Apple.

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