Social Marketing Your ARC Loan

social marketing


This article will cover how you can use social marketing to find where to apply for ARC loans.

Many businesses are on social marketing sites. Banks not so much yet. Maybe they feel like some security could be compromised. There are different scenarios on each social marketing site that could help them and YOU find them when you are ready to apply for your ARC Loan.

Digg:  You can check out that site to see if anyone is digging articles or podcasts on the ARC loans. If it is popular, it will be on the front page of the site. Even if it’s not popular, you will get some good information

Linked in: Connect with people who work for banks and ask them directly, what they are doing with the ARC loans. It is always better to have a bank referral than nothing.

Twitter: I have yet to see a bank twitter, however, I am sure at some point they may start. We never know all the real connections you have on twitter, so start tweeting and asking questions. A bank rep may answer you.



Meetup: if you create your own meet up group of people who are interested in ARC Loans, you will have no problem getting a bank to come and talk to you about it. Get one who can actually do ARC loans, not just talk about it.

Bebo: get on there and find a buddy who is also looking for ARC loans information. You can be a team who gets much more done that ever before.

Facebook: lots of Realtors on there who of course, know bankers.  They can refer you to lots of bankers.


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