Che Brown’s 72-Hour Sales Leadership Livecast and Retreat

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Dr. Che Brown

Dr. Che Brown

Dr. Letitia Wright will be a speaker at the event live! 

Globally acclaimed sales trainer Che Brown’s 72-Hour Sales Leadership Livecast is all set to start on February 6, 2015. It will be hosted over a period of three days at a private retreat in Ellicott City, Maryland. This sales leadership livecast will also be streamed live online. The renowned sales training company Partners in Learning, will be hosting as they facilitate sales professionals in making more sales with minimum efforts.

Small business owners, authors, and online & offline marketers are packing for the “72 Hour Retreat.” Trainers from major industry sectors, consultants, speakers, financial planners, and insurance agents are clearing their schedules for the “72 Hour Retreat.” Network marketers, commission based sales professionals, or anyone willing to achieve incredible results in his/her precession needs to attend this “72 Hour Retreat.”

Approaching its third year, the training program will be graced by the presence of several eminent guest speakers including Emma Fraser Pendelton, Dr. Letitia Wright, Ruben West, Mark Mikelat, Pam Love, and many others. The training program is ideally suited for small business owners, authors, online & offline marketers, trainers, consultants, speakers, financial planners, insurance agents, network marketers, commission based sales professionals, or anyone willing to achieve incredible results in his/her precession.

During over three days of training, Che Brown will reveal the secrets of a unique sales system that he has developed and tested with extraordinary success. By following these proven methods, the trainees would be able to

  • Make more sales with less effort.
  • Utilize powerful systems and structures to automate their selling process.
  • Become an authority in their niche market and area of expertise.

Inviting business professionals from all parts of the world to attend the event, Che Brown said, “The Energy at the live event is incredible! It’s not only a place to learn, but to actually meet and put deals together that become game changers for your business. It’s the best way to kick off the first quarter of 2015.”

Che Brown is the President of Partners in Learning, a global sales training company that teaches sales professionals how to make sales with less effort. Che shares winning sales strategies on how to close deals and put cash in the pocket by mastering the basics of selling, using sales scripts, and advanced sales techniques to increase sales and long-term profitability.

Conducting high profile events is nothing new for Che Brown. In his illustrious career as a sales and marketing professional, he has had the opportunity to conduct workshops and seminars for some of the world’s largest corporations.

If you are a small business owner, consultant, author, speaker, financial planner, insurance agent – or involved in network marketing groups or commission based sales, you probably already know that being in sales can be tough!

Sales are tough especially if you’re not good at it, you’re doing all the work yourself, you’re relying on traditional marketing methods, you’re spending more money than you’re making, and if you don’t have a proven system to follow. Heck, you might as well burn your money and throw in the towel now.

That is precisely why it’s critical to find an easier and quicker way to automate your sales and marketing in the core areas of sales conversion, mobile marketing, generating referrals, networking, branding, lead generation and marketing and find new ways to explode your business revenues.

Interested parties can register for the event online as a speaker or viewer by emailing


Che Brown Presents The 72 Hour Sales Retreat

Che Brown Presents The 72 Hour Retreat

Che Brown

Che Brown Teaching Sales

January 31- Feb 2, 2014 Marks the Second Annual 72 hour Retreat presented by Che Brown of Partners Learning. It is a unique event, which will create the opportunity for anyone in business to improve his or her sales techniques. All businesses must have sales. They must have new business coming in. Most people who start a small business cannot afford to hire sales people at first. They must know how to sell their products and services. This event will allow anyone to improve his or her sales skills.

The event is held in a retreat center in Maryland. “This allows people to become completely immersed and tightly focused on learning.” Says Che Brown. “The retreat provides the workshop rooms, sleeping quarters and 3 cooked meals each day for every participant. “Without the worry of commute and meal decisions, people can use the time to connect with other event attendees. This will be a deep dive into sales techniques that will allow anyone who puts what they learned to use, to increase sales in their business.”

“Sales “does not have to be a dirty word. Rejection is a fear that many people have. Rejection is reduced greatly when you really learn the best way to sell for you. Selling is something we do every single day. Selling does mean going beyond your comfort zone. The rewards are that you create an income stream to live the life you really want to live. Lack of sales skills is the reason why most businesses are underfunded. Underfunding is the #1 reason for business failure.

Che Brown

Che Brown

The 72 Hour Retreat promises intense sessions. There is some flexibility on which workshops a participant can attend. The event will also be streamed live online. Online viewing is great however, real networking and connection opportunities happen in person. The event is a smaller event and extremely limited due to the amount of rooms available. You can reserve your seat and room here

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