Your Friends on Facebook Don’t Like You

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A few of my younger or newer entrepreneur clients who are working on their social media, lament that they can’t turn their facebook contacts into real time connections. Or they can’t get their facebook friends to go over to their fan page and like the fanpage. There is one thing they overlook. Facebook is really good at naming parts and groups. They call the users of Facebook “friends” but the reality is, most of those people are not people who are a friend. They are an online-aquaintence.

Client A says, she lives in the same city as Person X and the person for the last 6 months has not agreed to meet for lunch or even a cup of coffee in person. However this same person had not problem making a phone call to try to sign up Client A for a workshop. Client A was a little put off. Clearly the person only had time for them when there was money to be made. Client A was interested in created a ‘REAL-Ationship” as The Career Enginner – Francina Harrison likes to say.

Sometime we have to face it. When you reach out to people who are never interested in creating an offline relationship you might have to face the fact that they are not a friend. They may not even LIKE you. In some cases they are people who “can’t stand you”. But if they can use you to make money off you, they’re in. Figure it out and walk away.

Client B says, he contacts person Z on Facebook and they never ever respond. Once again, it’s not a friend if the only way you have to reach them is Facebook. If people don’t respond to a message, then they probably have someone else posting for them. It’s not them or they have no interest in connecting with you. Take the hint. You won’t miss anything if you are no longer in their stream. They will never like or share your posts. Are there a few people on Facebook who don’t know they should answer messages? In theory yes, but if you are using Facebook for business, common sense would tell you it’s a 2-way street of communication. No one is looking for a billboard on Facebook. We have enough ads on there already.

Facebook should have online acquaintance segments. Just so people won’t get confused. Facebook is great for people to friend you and then watch you. If you read 5 articles on how to grow your business using social media, almost all of them will say, friend your competition and see what they are doing. Some of your Facebook “friends” are doing just that. All your plans are there. All your creative thoughts are being spelled out as you think them through and use Facebook as your personal diary. People are planning to knock off your products and events as soon as you post them. If you in business, the way you post is important. My friend Mark Mikelat says “Facebook is a conversation in a bar, people can overhear, join in, comment and get into the conversation. No expectation if privacy is implied or expected.” If you have something important and private to say, then say it in PRIVATE.

Me and my 542 bestest friends (on Facebook)

Me and my 542 bestest friends (on Facebook) (Photo credit: tychay)

Can’t get your close Facebook family and friends to get to your business fan page? No problem, realize they are not a customer, so they don’t want to LIKE your business fan page. You want people on that page that WANT to be there. These same friends and family who won’t switch over have also never bought your product or service either. Get the pattern? Stop looking for support in the wrong places.

In conclusion, I just want remind entrepreneurs that you have to get out with real people and mingle. Everything can not be done online. You still have to connect. Instead of obsession with people you “met” online that would not give you a glass of water if you laying on a dessert road dried out and they were driving a full potable water bottles, take the hint, create real off line relationships that move your body closer!

I don’t rant often, but I had to get this one out!

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