What Re-invents Your Business?

What are the things that make you add something to your business? Is it a post from Seth Godin? It is a great book you read? It is a session with your Virtual Assistant or Your Business Coach? It is customer service complaints or articles that you find on the web. It is ideas you get from other industries when you read their periodicals? Why do I ask? It all works.

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I really want to know, post below!

Female Self-Branding Gurus and What You Can Learn From Them

Female Self-Branding Gurus and What You Can Learn From Them

When you think of a branding guru, you probably picture a man in his forties, a little salt and peppered at the temples, but still fit and active, wearing a finely tailored power-suit and smiling confidently from behind his mahogany desk in his corner office.  But not all geniuses of branding have to work for a high-powered corporation or don menswear.  Believe it or not, you are bombarded on a daily basis by women who have enjoyed great success in branding themselves, and here are a few standouts that should ring a bell.

  1. Madonna.  This material girl has made a fortune from her brand, which is literally herself.  With album after album, she is like a chameleon who changes color to fit into a new environment, which is why she has been a household name since the ‘80s.  But reinvention is not the only trick up her sleeve.  She also knows how to work a crowd, grab a headline, and use her celebrity status to promote a good cause (not only is she working to end poverty in Malawi, she put her money where her mouth is by adopting a child there).
  2. Suze Orman.  She proves that women have enough brains to manage their own money and invest it wisely (and not just at the grocery store).  With several financial planning books under her belt and a successful show on CNBC (not to mention a flare for jackets unmatched in the continental United States) she shows average women everywhere that they don’t need a man to handle their money matters for them.
  3. Michelle Obama.  The first lady has re-imagined her role by blending the demure femininity of traditional presidential wives with the more recent trend of strength and sophistication embodied by women in the White House.  And she has succeeded fairly admirably in her efforts to look feminine yet powerful while embracing family matters that speak to every mother with her Let’s Move campaign, a crusade to get America’s kids out of obesity and into shape.
  4. Meryl Streep.  As an actress and a person, she embodies class and sophistication, mixed with a just a bit of self-deprecating fun.  She is serious, but she doesn’t take herself too seriously.  Not only that, but she has certainly aged gracefully.  She looks good for her age, but not so good that you’d suspect loads of plastic surgery.  And she doesn’t buy her clothes in the junior’s department like a lot of aging actresses.  In short, she is who she is.  We should all strive to follow her example.
  5. Mary Kay Ash.  Hard to believe she started out selling her own cosmetics, but her desire to help other women own their own businesses probably succeeded beyond her wildest dreams.  A true American success story if there ever was one, she was named Most Outstanding Woman in Business in the 20th Century by Lifetime Television.  After founding her empire, she also went on to become a best-selling author and sought-after motivational speaker, proving that women can have both beauty and brains.

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