Safe Cough™

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“Safe Cough”™ is a lightweight, palm-fitting, compact filtering device which helps stop the spread of germs & viruses The creative geniuses behind a leading name in innovative companies, MacVrs Group, is ready to launch their one of kind germs spread stopper named “Safe Cough”™. 

Aimed at reducing the transmission of air borne viruses and bacteria such as common cold and influenza emanating from coughing, Safe Cough is a lightweight, compact filtering device that can help stop the spread of germs.

An internationally recognized Family and Research Physician Dr. Marvin Heuer [M.D., F.A.A.F.P], presently the lead Physician at Disney World in Florida, states, ” SafeCough™ can benefit anyone around the sufferers of contagious infections like flus/colds, if the sufferer uses it.”

The fact is that coughing can spread serious illness like flu and bronchitis. Minimizing transmission is the only sure way to prevent all types of viral and bacterial respiratory infections. Prevention is always better than a cure.

Andrew MacBain, Inventor and lead designer of the unique design and filtering system, stated, “Whenever we are out at work, in public places or even at home, we see that the cough which spews out other people’s contagious airborne germs as unavoidable. We cannot use the surgical mask every time to avoid this.” Simply put, minimizing transmission is the only sure way to prevent all types of viral and bacterial respiratory infections.

In the opinion of most, the person who is suffering from the flu or cold should take the responsibility of not spreading germs by any means. The use of their sleeve or a tissue is not enough. Whenever you cough you produce a blast of wind which is stronger than a hurricane. As surprising as it may sound, that’s the fact.

This fact is why surveyed doctors feel everyone should use SafeCough™ or something similar to stop the spreading of germs. This revolutionary handheld device developed by the MacVrs Group will help reduce transmission of viruses and bacteria such as the common cold, influenza, and listeria among others.

To use the unit you simply wear the attached ring on your middle finger, allowing the compact unit to rest inside your palm. Then, when you feel a cough coming on, make sure to direct your cough into the mouthpiece on the Safe Cough™ unit.

Once your cough enters the unit, 99.9% of your germs will be divided through 100 air holes and filtered through an activated bamboo charcoal reduction filter (which are commonly used in air and water purifiers) that will ultimately result in safe, clean air exiting the SafeCough™ unit from a lower vent away from your hands and face.

The SafeCough™ units that contains and kills your germs, are disposable at your discretion. You will no longer be infecting others with your cough, so your use of the SafeCough™ unit will be a benefit to everyone.