A Guide to Haul Viral Videos

This article will explain the new Haul viral videos and how local businesses can use these to promote themselves.

On YouTube, there are a new set of viral videos called ?Haul? videos. These are videos posted by everyday people talking about the stuff they bought on their most recent shopping spree. Some name each items with cost, some are just showing off the items they bought. Some people are showing off how much they saved. There are a few videos that get more then 200,000 viewers them. This could be a treasure trove for local businesses.

What is a viral video? Viral videos are videos that become popular on their own. People start sharing them over and over and they get huge numbers of people viewing them. When day time TV shows are in need of material, they often will find the people who have popular videos and have them on the shows for a short 3 minute bit or quick interview. Some people have been able to get commercial contracts, one singer was signed with Justin Timberlake and one guy got a contract with YouTube for over $100,000. There are a few marketing agencies that will try and sell you a viral video. The truth about viral videos is that YOU do not get to choose that they are viral. The public does. No one can guarantee that they will be shared by others. They can only hope that a video becomes viral. The truth is the people who do have videos go viral often have put up hundreds of videos before they were noticed. The one hit wonders are people who really do not care if the video is viral or not. Those who have something to market work long and hard before something actually happens. Before you spend time and money on viral videos, you need to understand this concepts and how it works. Do not let marketing professionals talk you into something that is a total waste of money.

How could a Haul Video help local businesses?
Haul videos could be great for local retailers. If you are a local retailer, you could have a person who is a regular shopper talk about the deals and sales they got or show off the unique things they purchased. They can then talk a little bit about the store and where the location is so that more people who want those same kinds of things could shop with there also. This could work for clothing retailers; make up stores, drug stores, antique stores, shoe stores and any store that has collectibles. By having a few people make these Haul videos, you could create more traffic to your website and into your actual store. You can upload them to your You Tube site and see what happens. It?s not guaranteed however, it makes sense to take advantage of this particular trend on You Tube.