How to Go From Crowdfunding to the NASDAQ

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Shift Pixy

This comes from an article: First Reg A+, then NASDAQ Listing for ShiftPixy
By JD Alois

ShiftPixy Workers FastTemp staff provider ShiftPixy is hoping to soon trade on the NASDAQ Capital Market under the ticker symbol PIXY but first, they are raising capital under Regulation A+. ShiftPixy has enlisted WR Hambrecht as sole underwriter on a “best effort” basis to raise up to $50 million with a minimum raise of $15 million.

ShiftPixy is a service provider that contracts with business clients in need of part-time staff primarily in the hospitality and restaurant industry. The company is currently operating in Southern California but intends on opening additional physical locations in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Orlando, Dallas, Las Vegas, Atlanta and Philly (in that order). ShiftPixy currently has over 150 clients and about 3,350 worksite employees.

Let me share why this is significant:

This is a great plan. Many people are just crowdfunding one time with no real vision of how to move forward after that. If all goes well with each step, going to the NASDAQ is the right idea. And you will be able to watch the company progress all along the way. I think there will be a stock exchange for crowdfunded projects in the future but until then, this is a solid plan. I hope it helps you think in longer terms instead of just getting funding that will last you, 6 months or so.

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The New Adventures of the Old Dr. Wright

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Dr Wright and Coach Deb

Dr Wright and Coach Deb in Las Vegas!

   It’s time for the new season of the Wright Place TV Show. I have been busy this summer, having fun, and making new friends. Social Marketing has really paid off for me. Twitter was the strongest results creator.  It’s even more fun when you meet your online friends in person. Here is Coach Deb and I in Las Vegas last July. She is as pretty in person as she is in her pictures. For those of you who do not know who she is, she is the Queen of Twitter.
She can teach you everything you need to know about social marketing on Twitter and how to do it right. I learned from her. Now we have to get her on the show!


 This season has some great stuff coming up and lucky for you NOT in the Southern California viewing area, the shows will be posted online for you to watch anytime you like. I have met a LOT of new people and many of you do not know what I really do. Some of you have not seen me in a while and ask " are you still doing your show?" 

    First of all, I host and produce the Wright Place TV Show. It’s for entrepreneurs, I bring on experts that help you learn how to grow your business. Watch-Learn-Do-Make Money!  That’s going to be my new buzz words.

    Secondly, I Media train entrepreneurs and authors who are working on their publicity. Anyone can show you how to get booked or get an interview. You also need to know what to do when you get on the air. Certain things make you magnetic. Done wrong, you can kill you hopes to ever get booked on any significant show.  When you see someone on TV or on the radio and they are experts in the same topics as you…. I make sure next time, it IS you.

    Thirdly, I speak at events and bring the show to live events. In November, The Wright Place TV Show will be live at Amazing Women’s Day in San Francisco, we’ve already booked 2 guests for it. . I will also be speaking at events listed on the EVENTS page.

What’s NEW?  The PR club will open up soon. This give me a chance to work with you on your media training and getting more media booked.

Interviews with Dan Kennedy, Marshall Sylver, Robin Hardy,  Mark Victor Hansen, Chris Wise, and Stephen Pierce will be posted soon!

A Special Mentoring Group with Melinda Boyer from the Power of Mentorship will be starting up.  This group will have 6 meetings a year and 2 of them will involve travel to great locations. I am setting up the 2009 calendar now!

I have a new book coming out, more about that soon.

I am working on a new video project for girls – a self esteem builder!

Yes, I am busy, however, not too busy to say thank you to everyone who has taken time to read this page, stop by the website or watch the show. I hope I am sharing information with you that helps you attain your goals.


Dr. Wright

Tell me, What kind of social marketing did YOU do this summer and why?

Yes, you can make money on Twitter!