ARC LOAN same day approval

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ARC Loans with instant approval are not here yet. Why not? The government has specific requirements for ACR loans. By signing up with some shady lender who promises with impossible, you can lose a lot of money and time trying to get the ARC loans. The horror stories are just beginning.



Karen has a business that she has been struggling to keep above water. She saw an ad in the newspaper for a place that helps you see if you are qualified for the ARC Loan. For $150 bucks, they would look over her business and tell her if she qualified for it. She ‘read’ into that. She assumed they would help her with getting an ARC Loan. She went into the office paid her fee and filled out paper work.  This began a long line of endless paper work. Distractions from her actual business caused delays and even less income.

She was told there were a few corrections she needed to make in order to be able to apply for the loan. The company offered to make the corrections for a fee. The fees were running close to $3,000 after 45 days. The company then offered her to apply for an ARC loan with loan application fees of $1,500. She paid that and was not approved.

Unhappy about this outcome, she complained, however the company had done everything they said they would do. They never disclosed who the company they were applying to was, so she had no direct recourse. The first mistake is that she never had a clear understanding of ARC Loan requirements in the first place. She started off thinking they would save her time and money from research. That could have been the case; however, since the company had a direct connection to making changes, they may have led her astray in order to bill her.


I am hearing from people daily about their experience with ARC loans. The names are changed; the stories are starting to be very similar. Being armed with knowledge is important:

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