What is a Third Party Inspection Agency And What Are Key Benefits for Third Party Inspection

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What is a Third Party Inspection Agency And What Are Key Benefits for Third Party Inspection


Third Party is an Independent inspection agency which provides facilities in the different type of field without discriminatory decision. In business third party play very important role Generally Third party Inspection agency deals in construction ,engineering, When any dispute occur between vendor and buyer then it play very important role between first party and second party. It improves the integrity, quality and efficiency of equipment also assures safe and healthy condition for staff member. It deals in different-different type of sector as a

  1. Power generating Equipment as a Boiler, Pressure Vessel, Heat exchanger water treatment plant and boiler accessories.
  2. Electrical equipment-Motor, Generator and Transformer etc.
  3. Fire Fighting system etc.

The Third party inspection agency does not involve in any activities other than testing and inspection based on this requirement the third party must not be involved in design, procurement, fabrication, construction and installation. Inspection done by third party on the basis of buyer requirements manufacture requirements or government trade service requirement. After inspection of the consignment on the basis of buyer or consignee requirements or on the basis of standard /non-standard it provide own testing result and detail of inspection activity mentioned in the report if result is pending or accepted or any type of deviation occur during inspection mentioned in the report also It provides different types of services eg. Auditing, Consulting, ISO Certification, Inspection, Testing and analysis, Sourcing, Training etc.

The final random Inspection (or pre shipment inspection) is generally done for QC check from the sampling method.

Third party is very beneficial for quality consuses organization and now a day’s every person wants quality as per own standard or as per International standard

Third party inspection agency inspect quality of Consignment Inspect on the basis of Buyer requirement or specific standard which meets with the consignment and quantity checked by Piece count or test weight method If any deviation occurs in the quality and quantity at the time of quality check third party inspector inform the client also all the relative points mentioned in his report.

Third party Inspection service also offered loading inspection before loading check the container and it should be free of defect and also check the quantity and visual quality as mentioned in the document then sealed the container.

Key Benefit of Third Party Inspection Agency

  1. Ensure the quality and quantity.
  2. Ensure the marking and packing of material as per buyer specification.
  3. Ensure the material is genuine and as per specified standard.
  4. Sure that prohibited goods not used or sent by consignor in any consignment.
  5. Sure the safe and healthy working condition.
  6. It Provide Competence engineer team.
  7. Minimize the risk of defective products.
  8. Minimize the cost of organization.
  9. It ensures the activity Safe and secure.