Champagne31 is Proof that Dreams Really Do Come True

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Your wish has been granted – now it’s time to celebrate! 


888ladies recently promoted a campaign titled Make 2014 Great. Launched in tandem with the fabulous makeover that the site recently underwent, this exciting promotion played out on 1 January at 9 PM. At stake was £4000 waiting to be won on New Year’s Day. 888ladies was determined to start 2014 right, and rolled out one of its most ambitious promotional packages ever. Cards were made available for £1 each, and the action took place under the specials tab in the lobby. A minimum of 1 card could be purchased and a maximum of 96 cards was allowed. The game of choice: 75 ball bingo with a 5 x 5 grid and up to 24 numbers needed to complete the winning ticket.

The 888ladies Facebook Campaign

As part of the Make 2014 Great promotion, 888 ladies took to social media networks like Facebook to promote the Make a Wish competition. To enter, 888ladies fans simply need to upload an image of something that would make 2014 great for them. The maximum prize value up for grabs with £400, and scores of contestants took to 888Ladies Facebook page to upload pictures of food processors, DVDs, TVs, toasters, sandwich machines and so forth. The winner would easily be determined by the number of likes associated with their particular wish. After the top contestants had been selected for final consideration, a panel of judges would decide upon a winner.

One particular player 888ladies, Champagne31 had an altogether different kind of wish. As a regular player of 888ladies, she knows all about community spirit and interaction. Her wish was simple: she needed money to purchase a wheelchair. The moment the fellow competitors saw what she had posted, the likes started rolling in by the truckload. Suffice it to say, she won the competition hands down. But their luck didn’t end there – she also managed to find true love in 2014. So it all seems to be coming together for Champagne31 and others at 888ladies.

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Christmas for Pomona Black Infant Health Program

On the January 19, 2010 I was installed as the new Co-Chair of the Board of Prototypes Black Infant Health Program.
This organization is dedicated to reducing the death rate of African American Babies in the area of Pomona California.
I will be telling you more about it in the future.

Directly, we are focused on Holidays. We serve 28 clients and are giving them grocery store gift certificates for the holidays.
Our goal is to give each client 2 ( two) $20 gift certificates to the local grocery stores-
Food for less or

So here is my appeal- Let’s do this together. I am donating gift cards/certificates and I need you all to also.
Any amount that you give is helpful.
You can help me purchase more by sending the money OR
Buying some while you are shopping and mailing them to Wright Place TV Show.

or mail to Wright Place TV Show
8300 Utica Ave
3rd Floor
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

The deadline is December 15th in order to get them delivered.

Thank you for all your help and have a warm lovely holiday!

More info about Black Infant Health

Prototypes Black Infant Health
Place page
831 E Arrow Hwy # 17
Pomona, CA 91767-2535
(909) 626-4244