Measure These Five Online Marketing Metrics To Track Your Business Success

Measure These Five Online Marketing Metrics To Track Your Business Success

What gets measured gets improved.  Ever heard these words before?  Well they are as true now as they ever were, especially in regards to online marketing.  Many business owners have now begun to market their businesses online but are having a hard time quantifying the ROI.  Are your ad campaigns working, is social media marketing paying off, can you notice an increase in sales due to traffic on your website?  These are all valuable questions to have answered so you can properly manage your businesses budgets.

Luckily there are some solid metrics and tools that can help you achieve quantification.  Keep reading for our top ten metrics you need to be measuring to monitor your businesses success.

  1. 1.) Total traffic to your website

Your online presence is defined by your website so it only makes sense that tracking the total visits your site receives.  This number goes up and your business is becoming more popular.  This is a “big picture” kind of way to tell if your marketing efforts are working out.

  1. 2.) New sessions

This metric can be found via Google Analytics and displays how many of your total visits are new sessions.  This metric is important because it shed slight on how well your website attracts repeat visitors.  Basically, it helps to define how relevant your customers find your website.

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  1. 3.) Channel Specific Traffic data

This can also be found via your Google Analytics account under the “Acquisition” section.  This is most handy if you are running a full-on marketing campaign that includes paid, referral and social media aspects.  This metric tracks the breakdown of your traffic based on how your visitors found your website.  Did they come through paid advertising (PPC), from social media pages, referrals or did they find your site through an online search.

  1. 4.) Bounce Rate

Perhaps the most important metric to track in order to tell how effective your website is at delivering the information your audience is looking for.  If the bounce rate is high then you know that people are not impressed with your site and leave soon after arriving.  If your bounce rate is low then you know your content is valuable.  Either way, watching the bounce rate metric allows you to judge future efforts effects and create a website that people want to visit.

  1. 5.) Conversion Rate

This metric measures your sales success once you’ve attracted your audience.  This is where you get to see if your online marketing efforts are translating into sales dollars.  If your numbers are low then you know that your sales funnel is flawed somewhere, be it bad design, follow-up problems or if your sales team needs some work.  Divide your total sales by total traffic to get a rough ratio of how effective your efforts are.

Operating your business online is nota n easy task but with so much of your audience online, it is a requirement to be successful in today’s market landscape.  If you’re looking for help with an online marketing strategy you should talk to the experts at Delta Decisions Inc. who can put you on the right path to online success and business growth.  Visit their website to find out more at