3 Little Known Benefits to Crowdfunding

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Crowdfunding a School in Otoase Nsawam

James Gadson travels several times a year to East Africa. He has been working with a few orphanages and small villages His plan is to get $35,000 to help finish a much needed school in Otoase Nsawam. The funds will be used to complete building construction, desks, books, a school bus and provide a small budget for full time staff. The facility, once complete, will have clean water, provided by a pure water system and off grid solar power. He wants to finish this project, however funds are running low.

Long term benefit:
Underprivileged communities would have education extended to children who would consequently be future leaders of the community and the peaceful nation of Ghana at large.

You can support this project herehttps://www.gofundme.com/nsawam


Crowdfunding: 100 Days 100 Books Giveaway


The 100 Days 100 Books giveaway is a  summer campaign. In the United State Nearly half of the US adults who are in the lowest level on the literacy scale are living in poverty (between 41% and 44%). In addition to poverty so many other challenges in life can be directly correlated to literacy.

In an effort to contribute to the solution we are launching the 100 Days 100 Books Summer Reading Campaign and giving away a free book to a child in need for every book that is purchased at Ladoneya.com   The  workshops, Book Readings and Events are geared towards exciting the imagination and inspiring children to dream and create through reading and writing. Constance Dixon is the author and creator of this project

Support the project here


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