Catapult Your Business to New Heights- Sure-fire strategies to Increase Profit

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Book: Catapult Your Business to New Heights- Sure-fire strategies to Increase Profit

Author: Glory Borgenson

The author pin-points the reasons for business failure in the first few chapters. She also has a think about Stress. She is convinced that business owners allow stress to get to them, using the early death of her father at 53 as an example. This book is filled with exercises to make sure you get the point and figure out what you really want to do.

One chapter makes you go into details about how you envision your business to be. The questions encourage you to think bigger and challenge you to be aware of your current beliefs. In another chapter she tells you to make room for more profit in your life by reducing the stress. I told you, she has a thing about stress. She really means getting rid of the tyranny of the urgent and spends time explaining what that is and how to get rid of it. Then at the end you have an exercise that will help you change your way of doing business.

This book is for business owners willing to work and look at them. There is no gloss over and no place to hide. Either you read and book and do it or you don?t. If you don?t, then of course you cannot expect to see any good results. There is a chapter to learn business systems, which will really serve new business owners. Borgenson covers leading great teams, delegation and marketing and sales. All with exercises that will actually make your work through it, not just think about concepts.

If you are brave and are willing to do the work, this book very well might get what it promises in the title. There are many important concepts to learn from the book. This book is an L.A. 8