I Used to be an Imaginary Friend

I used to be an Imaginary friend!

I have been a lot of things at different times in my life. At one point I was an imaginary friend. Here?s what happened.

When I was a teen, still living at home, my parents bought a house on Harriet St in Altadena. When we moved in, the neighbor directly across the street came over and introduced herself. When I told her my name, I said the family nickname that everyone called me back then.

She looked at me strangely and then smiled. She said “You HAVE to meet my mother and sister!” I said ok. I thought she was a really friendly neighborhood.

About a week later, she came over to say her sister and mother were at her house, and asked if I could come over the meet them. So I did. My new friend said ?Tell them your name!? When I told them, their eyes got really big and they just stared at me. My friend looked at her mom and sister and said “Told you she was real!”

It turns out, when my friend was little she had an imaginary friend by the same name! Her family teased her mercilessly, but she always insisted the imaginary friend was real. When I moved in across the street, she was finally vindicated!

PR and Crowdfunding and a New Chinese Language site

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TECH CO has a great article about PR and Crowdfunding

Groups of People to Tap

Think of the groups of people within your own web of friends, family, and acquaintances. Research says that about 30% of your funding will come from here. These are people who can help you reach out to others they know, expanding your potential for funds. Family and friends will donate if they can, but they can also help you spread the word through all of their social media channels and email lists too. Once you have tapped that resource as best you can, look for other groups to connect with:

read the rest here http://tech.co/publicity-crowdfunding-campaign-2017-01


Reg CF Crowdfunding Platform Mr. Crowd Launches Chinese Language Version – Crowdfund Insider

Mr. Crowd is a FINRA approved Reg CF crowdfunding portal. Created by founder Allen Au, Mr. Crowd is a part of the US incorporated Ksdaq corporation.  While incorporated in the US, Ksdaq’s primary place of business is Hong Kong making it a bit unique.  Read the rest of the article here:



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