How to Ruin a Brand with Dress Down Fridays



Are we still doing dress down Fridays?

A few years back, I went into the  bank on Friday and it was clearly dress down day. The people in the bank were in tennis shoes, baggy jeans, too tight tees and my teller actually had on a wife beater with red skull and cross bones. The guy sitting at the loan desk had on a suit but the rest of them look like they just came in from a picnic.

I don’t bank at that bank, thats a story for another day, however I wonder what this is doing to their brand. What are they trying to say with the dress down Friday? Why do they have it? If you are dealing with my money, I want you to look like you deal with money. I think it is not good brand management. Since you have one day a week where you are relaxed, are you relaxed about my money too?

I’m wondering, are we still doing Dress Down Fridays? If so, go ahead and leave a comment about what works and what doesn’t.

Of course, that’s why I love Gwynnie Bee, no worries about how I look!

How FoodCycle eco café raised $7,942 in a Week


FoodCycle is an Eco Cafe in London which uses food that

would have gone to a landfill to create a “pay what you can” lunch.

They are only open on Fridays.

This money will help them stay open for another year.

They used the platform.

They used Twitter and had some celebrities support it.

274 people backed this project.

They also used Facebook, Google+, Tumbler, and Linked in

This was a very short project. No doubt they were clear on

their audience and did a lot of pre-planning.

Thom from Channel 4’s Three Hungry Boys visited the café to show their support by

making a video.

Daniel Turi, the FoodCycle Café Co-ordinator, said: “It’s amazing how people came together through Twitter over just five days and raised enough money to keep the café going for another year.

“It shows the importance of the café in the community and we’re now really looking forward to doing more and more in the future.”

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