Here is your unique all inclusive and healthy opportunity to open your own franchise. This is not a commonly made option that you see by many other lenders. The most unique part of this offer is that it deals in a natural way to provide the natural food to customers. Lovers of junk food can be easily found worldwide. Same is case with the fact that health disadvantages of junk food are not hidden. Junk food is also out of trend now. The thing which is in fashion and which is getting popularity is the healthy food. This healthy food will be an exciting challenge to come in the upcoming years.


Started a few years back we have been successful in being a faster growing chain within a very short period of time. The reason for this success is our unique business-model which is extremely easy and simple. We aim at increasing the extent of our franchises chain. So here is the opportunity for you to be a part of our fastest growing network. This will be a breakthrough in your professional career if you want to be a businessman without facing any major difficulty regarding finance. Using this offer of us you can run your green franchise. You will contribute only a small portion of investment we will handle the rest in the form of loan provided to you.


We have arranged these funds with the assistance of a European Bank supporting the green. The agreement between the bank and us has agreed for a loan amount of € 1.500.000. There are also individual loans that will be distributed to the applicants for providing individual support to them.


This is a golden opportunity, don’t waste time and avail this option to get businessman with this lucky option. These applications for funding are in limited number. These applications will be considered from August 3, 2015 to September 7, 2015. These funding will be available for the new candidates for their franchise. If you already hav 1 or more green outlets you can also enjoy this opportunity to expand the extent and number of your franchisees. You can thus open new outlets in multiple cities. This will be a success not only for your but also for us because we and you are linked. We care for you because you are a part of us.

The allocated fund in individual cases is between $5,000 & $45,000. You can get any amount within this range by fulfilling simple requirements. There is no hard and fast rule this.  You also don’t need to worry about the reimbursement of this loan. You can reimburse it in short monthly installments of 48 to 60. These monthly deductions will from the first month of the opening of POS. the best part of this funding is that it is interest free rate. It will cost you only €350 application fee in the first month. There is no guarantee provided on behalf of the green. However in the case of individuals guarantees of the shares is required. This green financing provided by green covers project`s intangible assets and also complements other sources like bank loan, capital, grant etc.

We put our believe in you and the most important if your believe in yourself will lead you the successful career as a franchisee.