Why Pay for Information that is Free on the Internet

But what about free content?

I got very important email a few days ago. I think many people feel this way. The person wrote that they had a hard time reconciling people who charge for what should be free information on the Internet. I completely understand that feeling.

Here is the thing. We have to invest in our business either by dollars or by our own time. If you need knowledge, you have to take the time to do the research, online and/or in the library, assemble the knowledge you need and then put it to work. It could take you years to do that. With coaching, you cut the time down. You work with someone who can tell you where the pitfalls are and quickly explain each step to you. That person put in time and money to learn that information.

To expect them to give you their time and information for free, because it can also be found on the Internet is unreasonable at best. You do not have to buy their services. You can invest your own time. Time is not free. You can use your time any way that you choose. Someone who has taken the time to acquire the information should be paid for it, when others want to use their knowledge.

You all know how frank I am. It’s time to put on your big girl panties and your big boy pants and become serious about your business. The free information is very limited. After a while, those free previews online and in person, no longer help you. Why? Because, you already know that stuff. You have been putting it to use.   Now, it’s time to invest and learn about the things you don’t know about. The choice of investment is time or dollars. I have no problem with people who choose time over dollars. It takes longer but it can be done. No one can stop you from becoming a success. You can take a Ferrari to you success destination or you can take the city bus.

Don’t use your energy being upset about someone who offers you a Ferrari to your success destination but wont let you ride for free.

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