Pamela Renee Hall Purifoy Reviews the HLIC Movie

February 19, 2016 by  
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Dr. Letitia Wright, I know I thanked you privately after viewing the film you created and produced, HLIC (Head Lady In Charge), but I must give you your flowers publicly. I salute you for your vision, mission and selection of the women whose stories you told. Let me tell you, HLIC will FREE many women from all types of issues. Whether it’s domestic violence, child molestation, parenting a challenging child, workplace bullying, women (and men) viewing HLIC will gain valuable insight, and be inspired by the women featured. Marc Lee, who is responsible for selecting HLIC to be included in the annual Hayti Heritage Film Festival, was the special person who allowed this film to be shown to a diverse audience. I saw caucasian men and women, visibly moved by the film. I see the HLIC movie being used as a tool to save and transform women all over the United States! It is possible! Thank you for creating a quality movie, done with love and in a spirit of excellence!

I was thankful to see her send me a note on Facebook about the movie. I was not even at this event! This was an event that Cast Member Laticia Nicole set up. She also provided the cake afterwards. Thank you Laticia Nicole!



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