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Domain Names

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It is not easy locating a good domain name given the numerous domain search options available. Generally, the type of domain name you choose may play a very important role in search engine ranking of your website. Therefore, learning how to choose the correct domain name is of utmost importance. Generally, here are some of the basic rules to follow when buying a domain name.

  • “.com” is Always the Best Option


The “.com” domain name is by far the most commonly used and searchable domain. This extension becomes even more important if you’re setting up a business website because “.com” domain has more credibility and professionalism than other domain extensions such as “.biz”, “.net” etc. furthermore, your customers are more likely to forget your extension if it is something other than the “.com”. For instance if your extension is, some customers are likely to forget and type instead.

  • The Shorter the Better


The rule of the thumb is: do not use a domain name that is more than 8 characters if you can help it. People are generally lazy, so don’t force them to type a whole novel in the name of searching for a domain. Keep it short and simple to remember.

  • Choose Keyword Rich Domain


Your domain name should be relevant to the type of goods, services, and type of information your site is about. Choosing a relevant and keyword rich domain will greatly boost your chances of being found in the search engine by the right customers. Don’t choose a domain name like “” when you blog is about financial management.

  • Avoid Hyphens


It is true that some hyphenated domain names have had massive successes, but this is quite risky. Especially if your domain name has more than two words; as a result, customers tend to forget where the hyphen was. Moreover, hyphenated domain names are more likely to lose traffic to similar domain names without hyphens.  For instance; is more likely to lose traffic to Most customers view hyphenated domain names as a cheap substitute to the non-hyphenated domain name.

  • Grab other extensions (if available)


If you have already registered your “.com” domain extension, grab other extensions as well to monopolize the domain name. For instance; register as well as other extensions like,,, and www.yourname.mob. However, this is not compulsory if you are satisfied with a single domain name. Moreover, you should only do this if you are lucky to find the perfect domain name such as a single word domain name that is also relevant to your business.

  • Domains with Identity


If you want to get started quickly and hit the ground running, you can buy brandable domain names from websites like Brand Arrows with a Logo and Colour scheme.

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Why a Website?

Ticket for free glass of Coca-Cola, believed t...

Ticket for free glass of Coca-Cola, believed to be the first coupon ever. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why Every Business Should Have a Website

By Matt Evers

Every business, no matter how big or how small really should have a website.  In this modern day and age, there is no reason not to have one.  Let’s explore the reasons why every business should have a website.

The internet is well and truly here to stay.  The number of people who use the internet exceeds more than 2.4 billion and there are almost 8 people every single second being added to this total.  This is an incredible number of people.  As you can imagine there will be people from all walks of life looking for all sorts of things that encompass just about every area of life you can imagine.

If you are a business owner then you absolutely must have your own website.  It’s considered unprofessional these days if you do not own a website.  How many people do you know go online to look for reviews of a particular company or product before they choose to contact them?

How many of these people decide that they will not contact the company because the company did not actually own a website.  Chances are that the company could be illegitimate (in the mind of the person who is looking for the company’s details).

In this modern day and age, having your own website is very easy and low cost to do.  Even hosting is very cheap, so now has never been a better time to have your own website name and begin branding your company. It is possible to save on both domain name and hosting, using hosting coupons. One example is through the use of HostGator coupon codes. There are other hosting companies also offering money-saving coupons, so do your research as you choose your domain name and hosting provider.

Why every business should have a website

  • With your own website you can “be there” for those who seek out your service online
  • With your own website you can showcase all your services
  • You can add videos and testimonials to help enhance your service
  • You can get a lot more customers and ultimately more company profits
  • .. and so much more!

So if you’ve not yet got our own website, don’t you think it’s about time?  Are you afraid to get started, worried about all of the technical aspects and let alone the cost?  Well, you can get a website for as little as US $100 these days and this often includes a year’s free hosting as well.

These are just some of the reasons why every business should have a website.  These days it is an essential “must-have”, rather than an expensive fanciful extra.  Maybe it’s time to start looking at one for yourself if you’ve not yet taken that step.

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