Why Go for Government Contracts? Part 1

Why go for government contracts?

Government procurement in the United States is based on many of the same principles as commercial contracting, but is subject to special laws and regulation as described below.

Federal Procurement Reports provide contract data that may be used for geographical, market, and socio-economic analysis, as well as for measuring and assessing the impact of acquisition policy and management improvements.[1] In Fiscal Year 2010, the top five departments by dollars obligated were the Department of Defense ($365.9 bn), Department of Energy ($25.7 bn), Health and Human Services ($19.0 bn), General Services Administration ($17.6 bn), and NASA ($16.0 bn).[2] The Top 100 Contractors Report for Fiscal Year 2009 lists contracts totalling $294.6 billion, the top five comprising aerospace and defense contractors Lockheed Martin ($38.5 bn), Boeing ($22.0 bn), Northrop Grumman ($19.7 bn), General Dynamics ($16.4 bn), and Raytheon ($16.1 bn).[3] In the same period, small business contracts totalled $96.8 billion.[4]

Yes, our government has money and we could be vendors!

If you  have not certified your business which will enable you to

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