Choice Between Holland/Roller and Roman Blinds

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Renovating a room is a difficult choice. It requires many decisions, with décor to be one of the most important factors that decide what furnishings are you going to use. As you decide about your window blinds, there are two very popular choices: Holland Blinds and Roman Blinds. Many people wouldn’t know the fact that both of them are not similar, and there is a quite a lot of difference between the two. Which one is better solely depends on your requirement and the way you are going to use it. The choice to choose roller blinds or roman blinds is of individual’s tastes and preferences. Here in this article we will be explaining the differences between Holland Blinds and Roman Blinds.

Holland Roller Blinds Control’s Light:

Holland Blinds restricts the amount of light to enter through the window much better than Roman blinds. Roman blinds also controls the flow of light yet they let leak a great deal of light as compared to Holland roller blinds.

Roller Blinds Take Lesser Space:

Roller blinds do not take a lot of space whereas when you open a roman blinds it takes a lot of space upwards as the fabric still hangs above the window blocking the portion that is above the window. Roller Blinds also allow items to be placed on the sill of window for decoration. Roman Blinds can affect the look of your house as it takes a lot of space above the window. People who are quite concerned about the look of the room should better choose Holland blinds instead of Roman Blinds.


Maintenance of roller blinds is comparatively easy with respect of Roman Blinds. In Kitchens and bathrooms, the blinds tend to get dirty more often and needs proper cleaning regularly. Hence, while arguing between the choice of roller blinds and Roman blinds we need to consider this important factor. Roller blinds are easy to clean and maintain. Also, the roller blinds come in fabrics that are water-resistant makes them the best available choice.

Cost Efficiency:

Roller blinds are less expensive than Roman Blinds. If you wish to renovate your house regularly than the obvious choice would be roller blinds. Roller blinds are made using a fairly mass production method hence it makes them more cheap and affordable to buy. If you are not willing to change your room décor for a long time, then you might go for roman blinds as they give your room a luxurious look.


Roman blinds come in a wide range of colors and fabrics. The soft and elegant fabric such as silk are available in a wide range of colors would give your home a modern and sophisticated look. Roller blinds do not have this ability as they are usually plain and doesn’t have that luxurious look.