5 Mail Order Start Up Tips

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5 Mail Order Start Up Tips

By Darren

So you have a new business set up, and given lots of thought to the presentation online of your products and started to market them. Congratulations now the hard work can begin.
Here are so tips that you might not have thought of to help you get off to a smoother start.
1, Packing Materials
The first time that your clients actually see your product is when it arrives. At this point you can win a client for life, a person who will recommend you or loose the sale completely. So it is essential that the items that you despatch arrive in good condition and look great, as they only have one opportunity to make a first impression.
Use new packing material for your deliveries, so that they arrive in good condition. Each item inside a parcel delivery should be individually wrapped in bubble wrap. None of the items should touch the outer box and additional loose packaging should surround. In this way even if the box is dropped in transit the items inside should arrive in good condition.
2, Labelling
In addition to writing the delivery address or attaching the couriers shipping label on the outside of the parcel, it is good practice to enclose a copy of the delivery address label inside the parcel. If the original delivery label then comes off in transit and courier has to open the parcel, they will have all the information that they need to send the parcel on its way correctly.
3, Thank-you notes
Include a thank-you for your purchase note. This can also include details of other items that are similar that might be of interest to your client. Or a voucher or discount for future purchases from you. It is much easier to get another order from a satisfied client than a new one. As you have already proven your customer experience, product quality and customer care.
4, Use your reviews
Your website should automatically invite clients to review your products and services. Some of the online marketplaces such as ebay automatically do this for you. Having positive reviews on the product and how it arrived is needed to persuade other clients that they should work with you. If they give good review it gives you the opportunity to ask them to tweet or post on Facebook about the experience. Having positive reviews on your website or against your products can also help to drive sales.
Reviews work both ways. If you have an opportunity to review your buyer, always leave positive reviews and quickly as possible. It sets the tone the relationship and encourages them to do likewise.
5, Communication
Always keep your clients informed. When you get an order online, confirm it and advise when it is being despatched. Once it’s gone, let your client know and provide all of the tracking information that they need to follow their delivery. This is especially important if you are using an international parcel delivery service. For example if you are sending a parcel to Canada and your clients has their tracking information, it gives them the opportunity to monitor their delivery and resolve any customs queries in real time.
Good luck in building your business and I hope that these tips help.

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