He Brought His Nova to the Corvette Race

Most people are not excited about being in the media. It’s scary and it feels like you cannot control the image that is shared. There are so many types of media, where does one start?

What are the logical steps to media? Which one should you do first and why? What if you are uncomfortable talking about yourself?

These are real issues that keep people from participating in a meaningful way in media. No one is born with this knowledge. A lot of people are sharing BAD knowledge out there or even worse, OLD knowledge.

Having OLD knowledge about media is like bringing a NOVA to a 2013 Corvette (with the 19 inch wheels) Race. You are doing all the things everyone else is doing. You rev your engine but it does not sound as loud as everyone else. You slam your pedal to the metal like the other racers but you don’t go as far or as fast. You end the race like everyone else, but by the time you get there, all the trophies are gone. Someone else won them, heck it looks like EVERYONE else won them.

It’s a new year. It’s time for you to try new things.

Let me share with you how media works…. TODAY.

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Feb 19th, 2013

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