PR and the Super bowl XLV

The Super bowl is so well known, it doesn’t need publicity right? Wrong! The Super bowl continues to grab publicity along with its advertising for the event. The Super bowl is one of Americas most watched events. There is lots of advertising for it. Then there is a lot of publicity. There is publicity around players. Even the players that are not well known have the Super bowl publicity machines working for them. There is publicity around the ads. Betty White made a huge impression on people in her commercial. No one leaked that she would be in the commercial. There is some speculation of what kind of commercials will be on.300px-Betty_White_2010

They systematically leak who is booked for the half time show. Very few people watch it. The last half time show I remember watching is PRINCE. We are all going to the bathroom or heating food. No one is really watching the show. There is a lot of publicity around the half time show. Then you will see the build up of the two teams. All controversy is brought back out and chewed over endlessly. Even things that happened at the beginning of the year are used for publicity.   All of these things are used up until the day of the game.

Then you have post game publicity. Any players who stood out will get extra recognition, be invited to talk shows and others places you would not normally see them. There are so many angles of publicity on the Super bowl that no one could name them all. Some of them work well, some do not. Because they have a large budget, they can afford to try different things and see what works. Check out all the silly stories around the next Super bowl and think about how these same angles might work for your business. You could end up with enough ideas to last you all year. The publicity stretches all the money spent on advertising because you are constantly hearing about it. The publicity helps other companies understand that they need to advertise on this particular game in order to get new customers. One company even had a 10 second commercial because it’s all they could afford. The publicity around that short commercial was valued at more than 10 times the cost of the commercial. It only ran once during the game. If you were watching, you barely saw it.  Yet, here I am talking about it today!

Why a Website?

Ticket for free glass of Coca-Cola, believed t...

Ticket for free glass of Coca-Cola, believed to be the first coupon ever. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why Every Business Should Have a Website

By Matt Evers

Every business, no matter how big or how small really should have a website.  In this modern day and age, there is no reason not to have one.  Let’s explore the reasons why every business should have a website.

The internet is well and truly here to stay.  The number of people who use the internet exceeds more than 2.4 billion and there are almost 8 people every single second being added to this total.  This is an incredible number of people.  As you can imagine there will be people from all walks of life looking for all sorts of things that encompass just about every area of life you can imagine.

If you are a business owner then you absolutely must have your own website.  It’s considered unprofessional these days if you do not own a website.  How many people do you know go online to look for reviews of a particular company or product before they choose to contact them?

How many of these people decide that they will not contact the company because the company did not actually own a website.  Chances are that the company could be illegitimate (in the mind of the person who is looking for the company’s details).

In this modern day and age, having your own website is very easy and low cost to do.  Even hosting is very cheap, so now has never been a better time to have your own website name and begin branding your company. It is possible to save on both domain name and hosting, using hosting coupons. One example is through the use of HostGator coupon codes. There are other hosting companies also offering money-saving coupons, so do your research as you choose your domain name and hosting provider.

Why every business should have a website

  • With your own website you can “be there” for those who seek out your service online
  • With your own website you can showcase all your services
  • You can add videos and testimonials to help enhance your service
  • You can get a lot more customers and ultimately more company profits
  • .. and so much more!

So if you’ve not yet got our own website, don’t you think it’s about time?  Are you afraid to get started, worried about all of the technical aspects and let alone the cost?  Well, you can get a website for as little as US $100 these days and this often includes a year’s free hosting as well.

These are just some of the reasons why every business should have a website.  These days it is an essential “must-have”, rather than an expensive fanciful extra.  Maybe it’s time to start looking at one for yourself if you’ve not yet taken that step.

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