Devising a System for Becoming More Efficient at Home and at Work

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There is a reason that the local Professional Organizer is thriving. Society at large has too much to do and not enough time to get everything done. For people or companies that are disorganized, there never seems to be enough time in the day. The question that must be answered is how to increase productivity or efficiency. If it takes you thirty minutes to find your keys or a client file then it is time to make some changes. A few simple adjustments can make a big difference, leaving more time in your day to enjoy life. Getting started is the challenge for many people.

Establish a System

Before you get started cleaning up the clutter, you must decide on a system that will work for you. There needs to be a place for everything, so that you always know where that item is when you need it. Of course, different methods work best in specific areas of life. Using multi-colored files may work well in your home office, but that won’t work in the kitchen. One rule of thumb that can be followed for any area you want to organize is to be sure and store things that you use often in very accessible spots. Save the top shelves and other hard to reach storage areas for those items you do use infrequently.

Getting some advice from a professional organizer is advisable. Once you have a good system you can use, then the rest becomes easy. Many people feel overwhelmed when they look at a huge mess they need to organize. Most people find that they benefit by consulting with a professional organizer before getting started.

For example, Christmas decorations or other annual holiday items could be stored in the garage or basement since they will only need to be retrieved once a year. This concept works well in an office setting too. The space heater that comes out every November and is then returned to the closet in April can be stored on a top shelf since it will be something that will be needed for only a few months per year.


Once you have a system established, then you can start decluttering. It is crucial that you have a set system before you start decluttering so that all the hard work will get you closer to your goal of saving time and being able to find things easily. Many experts recommend that it makes sense to tackle the toughest part of your home or office first, utilizing your peak performance hours to complete the hardest tasks. If you’re a morning person, that means you work on the most challenging decluttering project first thing in the morning.

Time Management Tips

When contemplating how to increase productivity, setting short-term and long-term priorities is crucial for getting what you want from life. Time Management Strategies complement any system you put into place. Focusing on top priorities first is the number one time management tip to remember. It is far too easy to spend time on less important tasks which can sabotage the overall goals you set for yourself.

Author Bio. : When seeking Time Management Strategies  call a
Professional Organizer to learn about how to increase productivity.

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