How To Identify Fast-Selling Gadgets To Import From A Chinese Wholesale Company

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How To Identify Fast-Selling Gadgets To Import From A Chinese Wholesale Company

Importing gadgets from a China wholesale company and reselling them to local consumers can be a pretty lucrative business venture. The problem, however, is identifying which line of gadgets you’ll want to wholesale from China. Here’s a quick checklist to help you better identify which lines of gadgets will most likely appeal to the consumers you’re targeting:

  1. Take Note Of Your Wholesaler’s Inventory

One of the most important things you need to do is to be keenly aware of the products you can offer to consumers around you.

Make sure to list down the white-label gadgets being offered in the catalogues of your Chinese wholesalers. This step is the first because it is the easiest to do, considering how the average China wholesale company offers their wares on convenient websites. All you need to do is list these gadgets down and categorize them according to their functions. The resulting list will allow you to quickly identify a product that could sell given the right opportunity. Oh, and steer clear of branded or designer goods. Identify Low-Competition Niches

Remember the function-based categories you used to separate the gadgets being sold by China wholesale companies? Let’s go with Android TV dongles as an example. Google “Android TV dongles” followed by your local municipality or the area you plan to sell these gadgets in. Take note of how many competitors you have selling these dongles in your local area. If there are a lot of people already selling and competition is driving prices down, skip dongles and do research on other gadgets. Profile Your Target Consumers

This requires a lot of research on your end, probably even more so than identifying ideal niches to work in. Start by breaking down the demographics of people who will take interest in your gadgets. Age and gender are the first statistics you want to measure, followed by education, occupation and income levels. Then move on to cultural factors, like a preferred fashion sense or their identification with a particular crowd. You can expand this profile with even smaller details, like their preference for easy-to-use or powerfully-customizable gadgetry. Comb The Local News For Spontaneous Opportunities

Never overlook the ability of local events for you to meet a spike in demand for a particular line of products.

Just because you specialize in one niche, say affordable cell phones, doesn’t mean you should totally ignore other products. If a prolonged power disturbance occurs in your area, then you can contact your Chinese wholesale supplier to see if they are selling power banks or miniature solar power panels.

Keep these tips in mind, and you will have an easier time identifying fast-moving inventory to source from a China wholesale supplier!

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Dr. Wright’s Crowdfunding Favorites for November 2014

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Dr. Wright’s Crowdfunding Favorites for November 2014

I consider taking part in crowdfunding projects a rewarding cause for I can help in new projects and ideas to reach the market. Not only it’ll help the lives of the campaign’s creator but also the whole society as these projects and products will definitely benefit everyone. Amidst all the crowd funding projects that I’ve wrote about, I have my four personal favorites. These are the Purple Pocket Book, Forever Homes for Foster Children, Banana Wave is the Future and Lulla Doll: Sleep Companion for Babies & Toddlers. The Purple Pocket Book is a domestic violence app for the state of Georgia that helps the victims to find shelter locations, legal assistance as well as questionnaire to determine if someone is in a potential abusive situation. It aims not only to aid the victims but also to prevent others to become one and to extend its helping hand throughout the whole country.

Forever Homes for Foster Care promotes the non- profit organization, Find Families in Mexico, that helps the foster children to find their biological families giving them another chance in their lives. Banana Wave is the Future campaign features an innovation of producing milk- like beverage from bananas. Sounds amazing, right? With this project, vegetarians, gluten- free eaters and lactose- intolerant can now enjoy the taste and creaminess of milk with Banana- wave beverage. This project is on its final stages and seeking for help to formally launch it in the market. Lulla Doll: Sleep Companion for Babies & Toddlers is a doll that records the breathing and heart of a mother at rest providing a sense of security for the child helping him / her to fall into deep and restful sleep. The doll’s material can also absorb the scent of the parent helping the child gets familiar with it. Lulla Doll is best for premature babies to begin the bonding process with their parents. All of these campaigns can contribute to our society once they are all up and running or available to the market. With crowd funding, these projects will push through bringing success to its creators and the society will reap benefits from it.

10 Reasons Why Unpaid Internships Are Equally Important

Sunset of the Forbidden City, Beijing (northwe...

Sunset of the Forbidden City, Beijing (northwest cornor of the Forbidden City) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

10 Reasons Why Unpaid Internships Are Equally Important

In the toss-up between paid or unpaid relationships, paid internships usually win out for a number of reasons. One main reason is that not everyone can afford an unpaid internship. Another reason is that most people look at money as the only form of compensation. Here’s why unpaid internships are equally important and good.

1. Good Branding

An unpaid internship usually offers good branding, by showcasing you as a young professional, rather than as a per-hour intern. Looking good on paper helps boost your confidence and your ability to succeed.

2. Your Dedication Shows

When you take an unpaid internship, you’re pretty much declaring that you’re doing it for the training and the experience, and not for the money. Your employer gets to appreciate your dedication and attitude, which means doors open for you in terms of opportunities.

3. Unpaid Internships Are Actually Apprenticeships

You have the opportunity to become truly skilled in specific areas within your industry when you take up an unpaid internship. Since the company doesn’t pay you, by law it’s required to offer you more training hours and fewer work hours. You get to benefit in terms of training and experience.

4. Higher Chance Of Securing Good References

You can add some really good work experience to my resume, and also ask for good references when you leave. If you’ve done your job well, and demonstrated the right kind of professionalism, your superiors will have no issue writing letters of reference for you. It’s the least they can do.

5. There Are Plenty Of Valuable Perks To Be Had

Unpaid internships pay in kind, via connections, references, work experience and so on. Among tangible benefits, you can ask for transport allowance or use of company transport, college credit, housing assistance, library memberships, and access to important resources and so on.

6. You Can Ask For Flexible Schedules

Since they’re not paying you, they cannot ask you to do a 9 to 5 and 60 hours a week. Most unpaid internships offer flexible schedules. This allows you to deploy your time the way it works for you, and perhaps get a part time job on the side.

7. You Can Demand Substantial Work

They are not paying you, and you’re doing them a favor by working for free. So feel free to ask for substantial work, serious responsibilities and participation in good projects. As long as you can prove you’re capable, they shouldn’t refuse you.

8. You Have The Chance To Work On Serious Projects

Nonprofit organizations usually offer unpaid internships because they are strapped for resources. However, the plus side here is that at times they depend on interns to manage projects. Intern or employee, everyone is required to pitch in and do what they can. You will gain a lot of valuable, relevant experience this way.

9. You Will Get Greater Work Exposure

Companies that offer unpaid internships are usually non-profits and small businesses. These companies have diverse creative interests, as they are not limited by large-scale corporate policies. A single team will be working on multiple diverse projects, which means you can get a varied experience to add to your resume.

10. You Can Choose To Terminate Ahead Of Time

In a paid internship, you’ll have to toe the line for longer, because in most cases they’ll ask you to sign an offer for a fixed period. Unpaid internships are not entirely legal, and there will be no hold on you. This doesn’t mean you can come and go as you please. However, if you need to take a break to do another job, or perhaps want long leave to tend a sick parent, you can avail it.

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