Synergy Savings

Dr. Wright and Yolanda Mason, CEO Coach- not a good hair day for me!

Told you guys I would start using this in a sentence. Synergy Savings is when you have 2 or more people come together and because they did come together their synergy causes a savings in time, more or assets. That’s my definition. This means working with someone saves you time, trouble and makes you money. When YOU work with someone, they should save time, trouble and be able to make some money. That is why some people never run out of partners to joint venture with. Because they always help people make money, save time and save a lot of headache.

Who wants to make a buck and it takes 10,000 years? Who wants to make some money and it’s such a hassle because the plan is super convoluted and takes a lot of steps. Lots of steps are for when you want to confuse someone and prevent them from success. Keeping it simple means you want the person to win. A good win means in this present time. It’s great to have something that will come in on that ship called “Someday” however, right now I have bills to pay.

In 2013 we should all be looking for Synergy savings.

Here is the HOW-TO I promised:

The next business book you read, not only figure out what lessons in there will (if you incorporate them) save you time, save you trouble and make you money. Write them down, give yourself a dead line to do them and make a note on your blog about the results.

Example: I read 4 Hour Chef and decided to try using that method of building a fire in the fire place. I adore a good fire on a cold day and once California winter kicks in, I use my fire place a LOT!  If it works, I will be able to start a fire using the less expensive kindling/fire starters instead of a full fire starter log that costs $5 each. I won’t have to keep adding wood and poking the fire for the 4-5 hours. I will have less ashes when the fire has burned all the wood. I will have more heat from the fire.

Results: It works, less ashes, no adding wood the fire or going outside to get wood in the cold, dark night. The fire is HUGE!!, so clearly I can use less wood. Some pieces feel out of the fireplace and onto the tile, setting the smoke alarm and making the house smell like – well like the house was on fire. It wasn’t, I am fine and clearly, my fire alarms work.

Bonus: Now I blame everything on that goes wrong on Tim Ferris author of 4 hour Chef, because that’s whose name I was cursing when I had to clean up the mess.

Yes, I saved time, will save the trouble and will save money. Synergy Savings from what I learned in a book.

Here’s another Synergy Savings:

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