The best middle name ever By Seth Godin


The best middle name ever
It’s not Warren or Susan or Otis or Samuel or Tricia.
It’s “The.”

As in Attila The Hun or Alexander The Great or Zorba The Greek.

When your middle name is ‘The’, it means you’re it. The only one. The one that defines the category. I think that focus is a choice, and that the result of appropriate focus is you earn the middle name.

Jordan’s Furniture in Waltham was the place to go for that sort of thing. Bocce Pizza and the Anchor Bar were the places in Buffalo when I was growing up. Google is more appropriately called Google the search engine.

Seek the.

Of course, Winnie the Pooh is the exception that proves the rule.

My Commentary: American Society responds to celebrity. This strategy goes in that direction. It’s time to start building your own celebrity into your business.

Tell me your name with ‘the” in it!

Angel Pass- Where the Fashion Industry Comes Together

Recently a group of designers and other professionals in the fashion industry came together. After many long discussions and sharing of our experiences, we saw a change was needed not only in the fashion industry, but in the whole of society. And so the idea of Angelpass was born.

We share the common vision of a just, harmonious society: equality, individual dignity, fairness and honesty in business and social interactions; cooperation rather than adversarial relationships. We want to see our fellow man uplifted, rather than exploited. Especially, we want to see the new generation of professionals in the creative arts freed from the pitfalls of unscrupulous business dealings. We want you to have other options to make your way in your careers.

We are not just idealistic dreamers: we are highly experienced professionals who know our way around the fashion design world. We know exactly what help and opportunities you, as the younger generation, need to find your way in the fashion industry and related creative fields. And we are convinced the negative aspects of the current system can be circumvented by mutual cooperation and networking — networking through Angelpass.

You, the younger generation, will soon be the leaders in all the creative fields. Angelpass is for those of you who know you have something special inside of you, some special destiny and reason for your talents. You who are over-comers, who believe in yourselves, who know what you want to do with your lives and believe you can do it.

Angelpass is here to help you do it.


Each year Angelpass will choose 10 to 15 outstanding designers from our membership. We will honor them with four “big bash” celebrations, one for each season of the year. We will post notices of the date and city of each party, and invite our member designers to apply by submitting samples of their work to our selection panel. Each year the parties will be held in different cities around the world.


Put up your own Angelpass Profile Page on our website (similar to a Facebook page).
This is your premier networking resource for jobs, volunteer opportunities, and social connections. It is the best way to find anyone and anything you need for whatever project you are working on.

If you are a designer planning a fashion show locally or abroad, you may put out a call for models and other support professionals. Put up your own notice and browse through the Personal Profile pages to find paid or volunteer staff in the city and country where you are booking your show. (We suggest designers donate the pieces from their collection to any volunteer models and support staff.)

Remember– we are global, so spread your wings and reach out!

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Being an Expert and Celeb pays off!

Being a Celeb and expert pays off for you and everyone else!! LOL

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