Solve It Sisters

This is a new show that I am working on.

It involves talk with a purpose. It involves 5 world wide experts ready to tackle your business questions or life questions.I travel the world and have met remarkable people from around the world. Soon you will be able to post your questions or learn how to be a part of the show.

These 5 are just the base, my goal is to add some additional people and help you make the changes you want to make.

The Lighten Up Show

The Coat of arms of the Cayman Islands

The Coat of arms of the Cayman Islands (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cayman Islands Called and I was Catherine Tyson’s guest on the Lighten Up Show.

She is taping her new season. It was an amazing time- more photos are on my Facebook page!

I had an amazing time, I came home refreshed and fired up!

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