PR and Crowdfunding and a New Chinese Language site

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TECH CO has a great article about PR and Crowdfunding

Groups of People to Tap

Think of the groups of people within your own web of friends, family, and acquaintances. Research says that about 30% of your funding will come from here. These are people who can help you reach out to others they know, expanding your potential for funds. Family and friends will donate if they can, but they can also help you spread the word through all of their social media channels and email lists too. Once you have tapped that resource as best you can, look for other groups to connect with:

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Reg CF Crowdfunding Platform Mr. Crowd Launches Chinese Language Version – Crowdfund Insider

Mr. Crowd is a FINRA approved Reg CF crowdfunding portal. Created by founder Allen Au, Mr. Crowd is a part of the US incorporated Ksdaq corporation.  While incorporated in the US, Ksdaq’s primary place of business is Hong Kong making it a bit unique.  Read the rest of the article here:


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Executive Office Chairs – Add Style, Comfort and Functionality

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executive-office-chairsIf you are hardworking and believe you deserve to relax on your very own executive chair, here are some things you should keep in mind:

Adjustment capabilities

Executive office seats are known for their adjustment capabilities. Users can have their chairs fine-tuned to fit their bodies and their surroundings as they prefer. So take your time to check the lumbar adjustment, height adjustment, spring tension, and recline of the seat you are going to buy. Some armrests are adjustable. Best office chairs have armrests that can be moved outwards, inwards, downwards, and upwards. They allow the arms and elbows to relax freely without the need to slouch.


 Executive office chairs are much bigger than the normal chair. When shopping for one, you should make sure that the back rest height covers your back and extend up to the back of your head. It is a common believe that people can make the right decision if they lean their heads comfortably over the head rests. You should ensure that the back padding or the cushion of the chair is comfy. A texture may be soft or firm; people have different preferences so you should choose the one that suits you best.


Leather is ideal for executive chairs. It is stylish and elegant – great for a professional look. Leather is also ideal for most conditions such as extreme temperature. If you do not have sufficient money for a leather office chair, you can choose from models of cloth or faux leather. Mesh office chairs are lightweight while fabric chairs are available in a variety of colors. Search carefully and you may find something that will suit your taste and needs.


The base of an executive office chair is often overlooked, but it is very significant. It holds the whole weight of the seat, it supports the casters, and it is where the pivot or swivel is located. Make sure the wheels or casters of the office chair are of the great quality and the base should be wide. The more casters and legs the chair has, the better balance and flexibility it offers.

If you need comfort along with beauty in your executive office chair, there are a few factors you should go for an executive chair made up of quality leather appears more gorgeous. Top quality wood also adds beauty to chairs. An office chair that has wood panel is normally made from fine Italian leather or high- grain quality leather. This gives the seat a more refined and polished appearance and portrays a sense of authority.

Executive Office Chairs – Add Style, Comfort, and Functionality