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Celebrate Life Cancer Ministry

A diagnosis of cancer is the ultimate “shock and awe” event in a person’s life. In the blink of an eye, your personal war to reclaim the life you were living just one day ago explodes and sets every aspect of your life on fire. Celebrate Life Cancer Ministry exists to promote and sustain the quality of your life after a cancer diagnosis.
Celebrate Life Cancer Ministry is a non-profit, 501c3, multi-cultural faith-based nonprofit health ministry for all cancer types. Pastor Rhonda Holbert Santifer, M.Min. began Celebrate Life Cancer Ministry in December 2002 as a result of surviving breast cancer. Pastor Rhonda’s cancer experience started on September 11, 2001. Yes, the same day America and the world turned upside down, her life erupted into the turmoil a cancer diagnosis creates.

Pastor Rhonda learned the critical value of the loving encouragement and support that nourishes cancer patients along their journey, to “fight the best fight of their life.” Celebrate Life Cancer Ministry delivers spiritual encouragement, education, and financial resources to the cancer fighter, survivor, and their families – whether it be man, woman or child.

While it takes a village to raise a child, It takes a community to conquer cancer. Celebrate Life Cancer Ministry helps to create that loving circle of care by partnering with the Southern California Patient Navigation and Wellness Center to provide services. When a diagnosis is given, the family needs a place to learn how to support their loved one through the cancer journey. Celebrate Life Cancer Ministry provides support to the entire family and support team.

At the successful conclusion of Pastor Rhonda’s cancer journey, she threw a party for all the people who touched and encouraged her during her mental, physical, and spiritual sojourn. Their collective expression became the action plan and program of Celebrate Life Cancer Ministry.

Regular Activities include Support Group Meetings to allow cancer fighters and survivors to share a concern about their care or side effects of treatments and receive support from professionals and their peers. Fun and Fellowship Support Socials are designed to allow cancer fighters, survivors and those who love them enjoy an evening out. Line dancing is one of the many movements that contributes to maintaining a healthy body. Also, exercising activities include yoga and exercise.

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Wellness Center Activities and Communities / Partnership Activities. These include, “Patient Navigators” who are trained, culturally sensitive individuals that provide support and guidance throughout the cancer care continuum. Services are designed to support timely delivery of quality standard cancer care and ensure that patients, survivors, and families are satisfied with their encounters with the cancer care system.

One of the most exciting developments on the very near horizon, “Shepherd’s Manor,” a temporary non-medical healing haven for cancer fighters currently in treatment for cancer. Part of Celebrate Life Cancer Ministry’s mission is to establish “Shepherd’s Manor,” a home away from home, for cancer patients. Designed to support not only the patient but their families by relieving the stress associated with every cancer journey. This project will be funded through fundraising efforts, special events, and corporate partners.

Celebrate Life Cancer Ministry’s website details the touching inspiration for “Shepherd’s Manor.”
“The inspiration for Shepherd’s Manor was the result of a young woman who had medical insurance but no sick time on her job. Getting treatment was not the problem, however, if she stayed home from work, she would not be able to afford her rent. Her family lived on the east coast, and she was on the west coast going through treatment. She decided to get he funds together so she could afford to be home and receive treatment. The tumor continued to grow. By the time she started treatment, it was too late. Unfortunately, she lost her battle. No one should ever have to make a decision like this.”

Reopening of schools in Guinea

On July 9, Celebrate Life Cancer Ministry will take brand-new items to Long Beach Memorial Hospital, Miller’s Children Hospital, to continue their annual “Touch of Love: Gifts to Children with Cancer.” Addressing one of the lessons learned through this ministry, “if a child is in the hospital… they are not in school.” The age of the children ranges from days old to 18. While it is easy to get items (toys) for the little people, it is a challenge to receive items for high school students.
The campaign assists in obtaining educational electronic items and other items suitable for high school students. On a floor of at least 30 children, the goal is to make it feel like Christmas in the summer time. Truthfully, some of them may spend it in the hospital or not see Christmas at all.

Pastor Rhonda Holbert Santifer has expressed her eternal gratitude to the entire care and support team that make Celebrate Life Cancer Ministry possible. Through their tireless actions, the love of God continues to shine comforting, encouraging and warming everyone’s heart. Browse through the website, http://celebratelifecm.org/and get involved is a donor, volunteer or a possible Board of Directors member. Get involved today.

Celebrate Life Cancer Ministry has been selected by Wright Place TV Show as their charity partner. This year, part of the proceeds will go to Celebrate Life Cancer Ministry, and the show will be promoting events for them.

SCE Lowers Bills

Southern California Edison Reaches Out to Customers to Help Lower Their Bills

In these tough economic times, Southern California Edison (SCE) customers may be eligible for programs that can reduce their utility bills by 20 percent or more.

The number of customers who enrolled in the California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE) program, for example, increased 100 percent in January 2009. The average monthly enrollment for 2008 was 6,700 customers; in January, 12,718 customers enrolled. This increase is attributed to stronger outreach efforts and a growing need for economic assistance.
    “We know it’s especially difficult for the newly unemployed who may not know where to turn,” said Linda Yamauchi, SCE’s Consumer Affairs manager. “We want people to know that we’re here for them and that we have programs and services that can help.”


SCE offers the following programs for income-qualified customers:

·         CARE provides a discount of 20 percent or more off a monthly electric bill.


·         FERA, the Family Electric Rate Assistance program, allows a discounted rate on the monthly bill for families of three or more who fall within the income guidelines and exceed their baseline usage by 30 percent or more.


·         EMA, the Energy Management Assistance program, helps income-qualified households conserve energy and reduce their electricity costs. SCE supplies and installs energy-efficient appliances and equipment at no cost to eligible customers. EMA services are available to homeowners and renters.


To learn more about these programs and other ways SCE helps customers keep current on their bills, such as payment arrangements and assistance plans, please visit www.sce.com/assistance or call  1 -800-447-6620.