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DTSoft – Decom  Telemetry Software


Supporting software development for TM systems

DTSoft designs and manufactures telemetry products for the flight test and antenna tracking communities. DTSoft intends to demonstrate its products at the prestigious International Telemetry Conference, ITC USA 2015, Oct 26 – Oct 29, at Bally’s in Las Vegas.

DTSoft provides a way to get data to and from the outside world.  For the decoder side, it can even replace a piece of hardware (the framesync/decom).  Likewise with the encoder side. The use of the gateway products coupled with the power of the DTSoft software, gives you a quite reasonably priced (relatively speaking),  method to play with data, as well as a more universal method.  Even the cabling is cheaper.

DTSoft will explore TMoIP, telemetry over IP.  Instead of just another trend it heralds the future for the industry.  Like everything else, telemetry data transport is going to the network and computers, once it gets out of the air (or before it gets into the air, as the case may be).  Very akin to VOIP (voice over IP that many phones are now, teleconferencing systems, etc.).

Some gateways can take the network data and reproduce the clock and data (e.g. IPtec TNP-100).  This lends itself to another product from DtSoft, the TDynaSim.  This is a full software PCM encoder, capable of creating async embedded streams, as well as the generation of PRN patterns.  This would give you the complete package from the encoder side of things through the decoder side of the house.  RF included if so desired.

The results is that you have the ability to take the data directly from whatever source that created the clock/data and get it into a form you can use in the PC.  For instance:

  • Bitsync – From a single bitsync, to a bitsync farm
  • PCM Encoder – Take the clock/data lines directly from your vehicle PCM encoder.
  • RF Receiver – For range receiver types (e.g. Quasonix Gen 2, Lumistar Ls-35, Semco), take the data right from the clock/data outputs to put into the gateway.  Now you’ve just eliminated the need for a framesync/decom card.
  • Data recorder that doesn’t put out network packets, but does put out clock/data.

This way one is able to go to a test range, in the peanut gallery, taking just your laptop and a gateway, and being able to plug into the range complex’s clock/data line and process/view the data as you see fit.  (Many ranges provide a clock/data source in the viewing gallery).

Take your laptop on-board a vehicle under test, in flight, tie into the PCM encoder, and monitor/analyze the data in real time. Take your laptop and a reverse gateway and play back a flight test recording, into a system you’ll be running a live flight on later, or perform a BERT or CRC check on that system prior to the expensive flight test itself.

Support this project and get this enhancement in the field.

Business Phone System for Your Mobile

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Mobile Phone

Mobile Phone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Business Phone System for Your Mobile

Business telephone systems have evolved a lot through the years. With the advances in technology, companies can now go mobile with their business phone systems. All you need to get started is an Internet connection and a phone.


A mobile business phone system delivers excellent call quality. It is reliable and set up is very quick. It will only take a few minutes and your phone system is ready. Old hardware systems require weeks of installation as they are complex. Old hardware systems are also costly to install, maintain and upgrade.

With this kind of system, you can gain immediate access to your phone features and core functions from the central navigation installed in your computer’s browser. If you need a desk phone, some suppliers will deliver it to you in a few days and all you have to do is plug it into the Internet router and it’s all ready. If you have a soft phone in your computer, you can also use that to make calls.


With this type of system, you can have a wide range of options to choose from for your company phone numbers. You can establish local numbers in choice areas. You can also transfer existing numbers. If you need toll-free and vanity numbers, no problem. You can have the important numbers you need so your customers can easily reach you.

You can add user profiles with a variety of management options. You can assign extensions, direct dial, etc. You can also group them into departments and customize each one with their call routing settings and personalized greetings.

An Auto-Receptionist will take care of greetings, hours of operation, call recording, etc. Users can set their own call handling features so they can manage their calls even when they are on the field.

You can easily make changes with this system. You don’t have to call and wait for an expensive technician. Managing a mobile business telephone system is as easy as configuring your email.

As your system is mobile, it is not bound to one location. You can manage branch offices and remote workers. You can use your smartphone or tablet anywhere, anytime.

Depending on your supplier, you can also gain access to special programs, apps and other business applications.

A team of professional and highly trained technicians will ensure that the installation of your system is smooth and you can transition without any problems.

A mobile business telephone system gives you all the freedom and flexibility in communications so you can finish your tasks on time, connect to important people and work towards the success of your business. For more detailed information on business telephone systems please look to

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