How to set up your new business

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Book: The Essential Business Handbook:
The Nuts and Bolts of Getting Up and Running Fast

Author: Beth Andrus

This book is a great reference book for all new small businesses. Everything you need is in easy to read chapters that are not over flowing with personal stories and information no one cares about. Andrus tells you what to do and why. Then she gives you a few resources to get it done. Don?t let the cartoon image of Andrus fool you. If you completed one item from each chapter, in less than a month you would be up and running.
Andrus writes in a simple style however she includes some very important information that people need. Every business must create a solid foundation; each brick of that foundation is covered here. All of the things you can find, however you are going to have to look several different places to get it all. Her explanation of resale number alone makes it worth it to get your book. Reading the California state government information booklet on resale numbers and how to calculate the tax is far more complicated that it should be. Andrus breaks it down with an easy to understand example.

Trademarks usually gets people stuck in the mud when starting their business. If you read Andrus chapter, you will be able to move beyond that even if you decide to go after a trademark. I also highly recommend the chapter on Cost Accounting. This is not exciting stuff when you are an entrepreneur, yet you must deal with it or pay the consequences later. She has a check list and glossary. No matter what your education level, you can enjoy this book. By enjoy the book, I mean, get the information, put it to use and get your business started. If you have a business already and are not achieving the success you want, this book can serve as a basic check up for your business.

This book is highly recommended for young or first time business owners. This book is a an L.A. 9!